Monday, July 3

give generously to friends

The title of this post was my horoscope on Friday which proved to be what the day/weekend was about. Miss L had Miss V over to play on Friday, thus giving me a whole afternoon to craft. They were just so well behaved that several hours went past in complete happiness before I had even noticed. So, I managed to make this new work bag for Mrs Davey, to replace the one she had 'stolen' from a small child. (it's okay she doesn't make a habit of stealing from small children and no child was harmed!).
(inside of the bag lined with blue & white polka dots).
And, because I knew she liked the Hansel & Gretel fabric, I used that to make a pencil case also. Of course, I had to make a second bag as I might like one too! And would have made a second pencil case if I hadn't run out of time. Too bad about those piles of WIP waiting - or the scarf commissions that need to be finished (sorry Mrs Davey - I'm on to it!). But I also managed to get some washing done - one of the few productive days I had all school holidays.

Saturday, I thought I was doing well getting the present finished for Miss M's birthday party
(another Bambi hoodie), photocopying patterns, and cutting out more bags, interfacing etc. Mum look at this organised photo!

Sunday I got Miss L dressed, present wrapped, into the car, drive to the venue - oh, um, it's looking very empty?! Yes, that's right the party is next Sunday!! Well, Miss L took it all rather well about how silly her Mum is, so we popped off to the book store/cafe instead and had a lovely hour browsing. And this is probably the first time I have a present ready a week early!!!

I'm feeling so organised now, I am moving on to the mess that is our back room (or rather my crafting chaos) to plan and prioritise the WIP's. Must use this enthusiasm while it lasts - and I was so inspired by this,this, and this!


Amanda said...

I wish that I had unlimited funds, and no day job. I'd craft all day long. I love those bunnies... they're adorable. Oh how I wish I were craftier.....

capello said...

Wow, what a productive weekend! I love everything, especially the pencil case!

(And my chidren would absolutely not forgive me if I told got the date of the party wrong.)

Mrs Davey said...

Arent I the lucky one!!!! I got all the cool stuff - woohoo and I am luuurrrvvviiinnnggggg all of it!

Mum said...

I looked, truly amazing! WELL DONE

thebutterflycollector said...

hi I'm glad To have found you at creative aussies on flickr, another blogger who lives not far from me! Love all your beautiful dabbling!, I'm a bit of a dabbler myself...painting,collage, illustration and I would love to sew more but I have a little kid jumping all over me all the time!
Will visit again soon!

bugheart said...

the pencilcase
is so cute!!!
you are
so productive...