Friday, July 21

WIP shambles

What a shambles! Even my Illustration Friday - Sacrifice is a work in progress today. I've always said I like to have several different projects on the go at once. I'm not very good at the make one thing a zillion times thing. You should have seen the sheer determination it took to make 15 little hand bags for Miss L's last birthday - 15 of the things - phew! I think it could have been the exact moment I realised that mass more than one production is just not me. So, if you have a new tutorial throw it my way, I like to start something new. You, can stop grimacing now Mum!! :)

1 comment:

capello said...

Hey -- WIP is all about projects not being completed, right? RIGHT?

Yes, of course... who, me, repeating this in my head, making it my mantra? I don't know what you're talking about.

(And 15 bags? You're totally Wonder Woman.)