Sunday, July 23

counting sheep

well, really counting balls of wool! The Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo was an amazing sensory overload. It was just one shed after another full of hand dyed, hand spun, home grown, unusual combinations, interesting imports. I'm beginning to feel tired again just thinking about it - yet it was one of the best days I've had out for a while!

We stopped on the way to Bendigo at the lovely town of Malmsbury where the appropriate tea and scones was had. Good fortification for a days wool shopping - there really was no time to stop for food once we were there. So, it was really a great ending to the day, to stop there once again that day for a homeward bound takeaway tea and food delicacies.

Apart from the awesome selection of yarn for sale, there was also everything else you could think of that should be at a sheep and wool show - books, knitting displays, nanna's spinning, sheep (obviously!), sheep dog displays, sheep farming machinery (well it was listed as there, we didn't actually get to that bit!) and fashion parades! I think next year, I may have to plan an overnight stay so I can really see everything. Now, for what I came home with;
From clockwise from top left: Himalayan silk, ceramic bird beads, vintage yarn and buttons, handspun oddments, japanese fabric crochet hook holder & metallic threads, alpaca hand dyed and spun hanks.

Other purchases included the wonderful woven cane & fabric basket, which was the first purchase for the day - very handy! Vintage spools of linen & cotton thread, wool dyes (no picture), and, a large bag of premium Australian lavender (no picture) which has made our living area smell so lovely I haven't been able to put it away yet.

If you ever get the chance make the effort to get to this wool show - it will not let you down.

Just got a phone call from the Threads & More stall and I was their daily winner yesterday! I get to choose $65 of products.... hmm... more Himalayan silk or some Noro yarn, or maybe some opal sock wool.... oh the choices.


Amanda said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl!

I have this thing where I can't knit unless it's fall or winter... and therefore, can't purchase supplies until then either. But dang girl, you got some good stuff!!!!

capello said...

Oh my!

I do not know how to knit or crochet, but even I appreciate the beauty and texture of wonderful yarns.

pyglet said...

I think I will have to make a trek next year. I love fibre even though I can't knit! I love the colours and the texture. I buy skeins of handspun just to hang and look at (weird?)
Thanks for all your great photos of the show. Congratulations on the win!
And that link to Malmsbury - a road trip is in order. I think!

kristin said...

lucky you!!! i am drooling over the sight of all that yarn!!! how could you possibly make up your mind?

sooz said...

Boo hoo - you lucky girl and well rewarded for making the effort to go. It's been int he calendar for months but I've been too snowed under to go. Oh well, perhaps next year.

Kate said...

It sounds fantastic, glad you had a great time, might have to plan a holiday around this one year. Have fun spending the $65!