Monday, May 8

a weekend of craftiness

So the past weekend saw me achieve so many things that my head is still spinning. And I didn't get pictures of everthing, not even one of the mess that was our dining room table and lounge room all weekend! However, I spent a good few hours reorganising and cleaning ready for my next burst of craftiness tomorrow. So what did I do? well as the photo's show, a lot of pincushions! why? i'm not really sure - they seem to be my fetish at the moment. First i started with the bottlecap pincushion tutorial found here and then moved onto the flower pincushion that was featured in whipup and then I decided to make some of my own versions (top right photo). I also made a new little doorstop for Miss L, because the Misses L & V in a moment of mischief destroyed her old one - we won't get into it! Miss L enjoyed the pincushion making and helped me stuff them. She then decided a little pink one was going to be her fairy cushion so alas no photo to be had of that one! I also started a new winter skirt for Lucy, but then got side tracked by some thrifting. I managed to score so many 'finds' that only a couple are included above. A plastic bag of stamps (top left photo), little chinese lantern and, some spacemen summer kid's pj's. I also brought home a pile of fabrics, a new wicker thingy for my knitting stuff, lots of wrapping paper, plate hangers, hair clips and ties for Miss L, and a new top. Phew! And then to finish off this galore of craftiness i finished a beanie for a friend (top photo, second in from left) and I started a new knitting project, which is a surprise - can you guess what it is? (see below)

So now I'm off to replinsh my glass of wine and enjoy desperate housewives....

Oh, and nearly forgot, if you didn't know already, you can now purchase your very own gorgeous aunty cookie. what are you waiting for? get over there!


Sylvie said...

Your bottlecap pincushions are the sweetest. I really like your embroidery style. Why can't we be neighbors!

Mrs Davey said...

i love those pincushions - hoping one comes my way!!!