Tuesday, May 16

pipkin and franny

Okay it is now way too late, and I have wasted too much time trying to make a photo collage in Photoshop. Why won't it let me place my jpeg photo's?! So frustrating. Anyway it didn't happen, so back to the usual upload of photo's.

Miss L and I have been reading the following book, which is all about a young girl facing her fears. For Miss L the book is about a girl called Selina, who has a pet mouse called Pipkin. On the weekend, it was suggested (by Miss L of course) that 'we' could make a Pipkin. (I really love her use of the royal we in these suggestions!!). Now as it happens, Mrs Davey and I were only recently discussing how difficult it is to sew a 3D softie from scratch. So here I was with that very dilemma, when the next blog entry I read was this one! I kid you not!! I figure all my stars and planets must have been aligned just at that moment. So of course, I quickly downloaded the pattern and got to work. Please let me introduce to you Franny and Pipkin.

I made Pipkin out of a felted sweater sleeve that came in my Bara+design magic parcel, with a scrap of Amy butler fabric. The fabrics are not quite what the pattern suggests, so a little tweaking was done. I liked Pipkin's attire that I decided Franny {Note: you must always have a friend according to Miss L, who suggested the second mouse and name, and the colour!} would also look good from a felted sweater, and some retro scrap fabric, although this time I made her a little more finished with the hand sewing. (yes I hand sewed these. - why? Not really sure, but very therapeutic!). Thus, once again I managed to 'use what I have', which is cool, and makes me feel better about tomorrow's post which will be all about more thrifted fabrics!!

Miss L was also very pleased with my mice and decided to 'style' them for my blog this morning. These are her photos.

You should also check out the other mice at the flickr site here.


cally said...

They are so CUTIE CUTE CUTE!

Nina said...

So pretty !Love the pics.

caroline said...

It look slike Pipkin and Franny are levitating amongst some bushes! Cute mice - cannot believe you hand-sewed them!

Eliea said...

The blue one looks like a rabbit. HIs ears are very long. Or the photo's make him look that way. Too cute! I love the idea of using a thrifted sweater. :)