Wednesday, May 17

more thrifting goodness

I have been thrifting again and finding more wonderful items, that I come home all excited. But then I see all the other goodies sitting ont the dining table because I've run out of room in my fabric cupboard! So I think I need to stop thrifting and start making!! But before then, here are the latest finds,

the fabrics are actually all from the remnants box at spotlight. But the big bag of ribbons, buttons and little iron motif plus all the little golden books are from the salvos.

Then I also scored this amazing piece
Here is a close up of the fabric as it is hard to describe.
I currently have it over the back of one of the couches to admire each day, until I decide what to do with it.

Yesterday I treated myself to a sortie to a new fabric shop (new to me anyway), and came home with these wonderful items

And just when it was coming to an end, I just picked mum up from the airport as she is staying with us for a week, and these wonderful fabrics came out of her case! Thanks Mum!

Now about the fabric stash....


Mrs Davey said...

wow you will be very busy!! It all looks very inspiring

ellia said...

what goodies!!!! and your mom came with goodies too, how wonderful!!!!

that cool floral fabric you said that is on your couch, is familiar.. almost like a soft rug, right? i have something that is maybe 18x24 in this material... its of a bear and trees... we used to hang it up on the wall but now i have it stored... we had it for years and years (my mom)

LLA said...

Hey! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting Bad Fortune Cookie.

I'm glad that I did stop by, as your blog is fab (and how smitten am I by Cyril the squirrel???) and I know that I'll be back!

Thanks again!

Hanna said...

nice thrifted things, and all that fabric. yummy!