Sunday, May 14

liberty twirl

Miss L is all about 'twirl' these days. Skirts and dresses will not be looked at unless they have a decent 'twirl' factor. Who knew 4 year olds could be so critical of a twirl fullness or lack thereof! So in efforts to provide Miss L with the perfect winter twirl skirt, I purchased some beautiful liberty pin cord off ebay. It arrived recently and was so gorgeous I nearly lost my nerve to cut it, but I had promised, so scissors came out. There hasn't been a whole lot of time for crafting recently as Miss L has been preciously demanding recently, which can make a crafty mother rather irritable! So this morning, after been given a beautiful pair of earrings and necklace chosen by Miss L and purchased by Dad, I finished the twirl skirt. I was happy to find that it perfectly matched a piece of cherry grosgrain thrifted recently, so that provided a finish that I adore. So here it is

the twirl skirt. (posing on the swing was Miss L's idea! worked beautifully)

What am I wearing? My fantastic denim Akira skirt that apparently shows the right amount of twirl! (sorry no photo) and an alannah hill jumper that I accidently shrunk last year, and is now a little cardi/bolero thingy. (sorry for the crappy photo)

So in our finery we are off to have a scrumptious lunch at the Carisle Wine Bar.

Hope you all have a wonderful mother's day too.

P.S. very behind with posting about swaps etc. so will try to get that done in next few days....


caroline said...

Just beautiful. Happy Mothers day.

Mrs Davey said...

Twirl factor frenzy - I seem to be hearing alot about twirls of late!Glad it isn't just my daughter!Skirt looks great

cally said...

I was so rushed last week I forgot to say how much I loved this photo, I got distracted by Cyril the Squirrel.