Monday, May 22

another crafty weekend

It has been another jam-packed weekend of craftiness, and I will show you some, but not all - some are still in the "shh secret squirrel" category. We had to say goodbye to our aussie Canadian friends on Saturday as the set off for their new home in the UK, and I think Mosey the beautiful dog we are looking after for them realised as she moped for the rest of the day! :(
But I made this for Ben, to mark the short part of his life that has been in Australia. He was very taken with it, and I can see it will be cuddled a lot - always a good test!

Otherwise, I have spent the weekend trying to finish things for swaps and presents for friends. These photo's show some of this work, but other than that I can not say yet!

However, in between crafty spurts, Miss L, Nanna and I went to the Sunday markets at Southbank, and strolled in the art gallery for a bit. It was nice to get out while the sun was still trying to shine.

There are big plans for more craftiness this week, so I'll be back with more. Till then, hope you had a good weekend.


caroline said...

Mystery and intrigue... Like the photos - picture of Lucy very special, the red kangaroo needs a bit more light on him against such a bright background. Glad to see he is not levitating with the mice in some shrubbery!!

Donni said...

I love the photo of the kanga - and the little one truley intrigued by the water trickling down

li li said...

The kangaroo is so beautiful! :D

cally said...

I'm glad you took time out from your craftiness to alert me to my amusing typo! I'll get into my blog and correct it ASAP :0)

kool kanga