Tuesday, May 9

the postman calls often at our house!

If we don't get a package each day now I get really glum, which is the great thing about swapping! Yesterday I received this cute little box of goodies from
and my sampler parcel arrived from Black Apple

which is fantastic-(R's not so sure about the revolver ear rings!)

Then today my good friend J sent me three items of clothing from her Nana because she thought I might like the fabric - I do!

With all this parcel opening you might be surprised to learn that I also whipped up a new little bag today. I used two thrifted pillowcases which I've had for a while. I drew up the pattern based on a old bag that I used to love. I added the pocket (handy for phone & keys) and made sure it is reversible to cater to my whim on any given day! as you can see from the photo's it holds quite a bit (water bottle, note book, wallet, little emergency kit, snacks for Miss L, phone and keys) and turned out pretty well (especially considering how quick I whipped it up). so I have plans for more with the fabrics I've been collecting - maybe even an etsy foray?!

P.s. also got to the post office, so keep your eye on the mail box, ellia, ange & suse.


ellia said...

oh you do get a load of goodies!!!! how wonderful!!!! and i am sooo excited!!!! i will have yours ready to ship out wednesday so you will get another package soon :)

i am so excited- thank you!

cazzafryer said...

I love the photos and the bag of course. Very tricky sis.

Loca said...

those fabrics you got look great, really nice colors.

cally said...

Really gorgeous bag, would go so well with a jacket I saw last year but didn't buy.

lera said...

I LOVE that bag! I think I have bag envy!