Wednesday, August 15

catching up

(the post could also have been link bonanza - you have been warned!)
well with the lurgy all but gone it is time for me to knuckle down and get this blog here up to date! Firstly the little holiday was a lovely break for our small family. We stayed at a cosy old house in a small little town, Stanley. The heating was on, and the fridge provided local produce for breakfast. We stopped on the way up on Friday in Beechworth to purchase more local produce for dinner - sensational. Saturday we ambled our way to Rutherglen, did some antiquing before venturing to All Saints Estate for a sumptuous lunch, wine tasting and more local produce buying. Sunday after sitting around the fire and playing games we headed up to Mt Buffalo to partake of some snow play. Miss L and I made a snow woman (very p.c.!) and R and Miss L did some tobogganing, while I watched with a comforting cup of homemade soup. It lightly snowed while we were there, which was magic. Before we knew it was Monday and time to be heading home. We did managed to stop in Beechworth so I could make some small purchases from The Ardent Alpaca,
and we could enjoy the Beechworth Bakery and Beechworth Sweet Shop. Some wine and cheese tasting stops before getting home and falling in to bed. (Holiday photos can be found here).

Now of course I had to take some crafting with me - which was fortunate for Penelope, as Miss L decided on Saturday that she needed some more layers, especially if she was going to be hitting the slopes the next day. Of course I had my trusty little case of fabrics, needle, thread, buttons, elastic and scissors - ready for just such an occasion. Miss L decided that Penelope would be most warm if she wore all her clothes, and I think it makes a lovely ensemble. I am certain Penelope does as well as she hasn't taken them off yet!

My main project however was to finish my scrappy scarf, which I started on my bestfriending weekend away. Finished. I am very happy with the result - stripey, soft, goes with anything! and just the right length.I knitted this scarf on 4 needles, size 12 (4mm) with odds and ends of 4 ply from my stash. The majority of yarn is Rowan 4 ply or from Greta's yarns. I sewed the ends closed using Kitchener stitch which provides a neat and smooth finish. I made the dimensions and length up as I went along, but I noticed the other day that Interweave Knits as a free pattern for a similar looking ribbed scarf if you wanted to make one.

With all the time spent in bed last week, I was craving some crafting time. Lucky for me the Master Chef wanted to cook all weekend, and Miss L had a friend to play. So Saturday Miss L and Miss H and I spent a few hours making softies, with an idea from this book.
Although all the text is Japanese the pictures are easy to follow, and the girls had a lot of fun designing, choosing fabric and buttons and watching their softie come to life.

Although this little craft session with the girls required quite a bit of sewing from moi there were also several hours where the girls disappeared to play their own games, leaving me like the proverbial pig in pooh!

I managed to finish up quite a few WIP's that have been sitting around for quite some time but they are for a future post and shop update coming soon. I also mucked around with another idea from the Japanese craft book used for the girls softies. The book produced a cat and mouse balancing toy made from paper and wire. I decided that it would be nice if the cat and mouse were softies - so I set to work. It works a treat, and Miss L has spent quite some time seeing what objects they will happily balance on.

Next I put together my prototype bunny for an idea I have for the shop. It has been floating around in my head for ages, so it was great to finally get this one made. Meet Pebble. She is quite a shy little bunny, and only 15 cm tall, but I am hoping that as time goes by you will get to know her well.

Lastly, I decided to try something from one of the new books I have (there are a few, and that's a whole 'nother post). Having recently treated myself to a new wallet, I wanted to make something to hold all the extra cards I seem to have that usually bulk my purse up and make it hard to close. Jocelyn Worrall supplied the answer with her Accordian Wallet from 'simple gifts to stitch'.
This pattern was very easy to follow and came together really quickly, despite the pain of sewing oil cloth. I altered the pattern slightly so that my cards are vertical and provide more pockets. Even one for my moo cards. I'm not sold on the magnetic closure yet, but I'll give it a few outings before making any judgements.
Fabrics used are oilcloth from Sew Mama Sew (that particular one isn't there) and stripes from Amitie Textiles.

Now I am going to give the tote from the front cover a go. I have some great Aunty Cookie fabric which is dying to be used. And Moonstitches has enticed me with another of those beautiful chevron scarfs so I'm winding some yarn as you read - who doesn't need another project?!

P.s. Nanna and Poppa there is some photos for you here.


capello said...

the peeble is so cute!

and damn, that's a lot of info to process at once. ;-)

dani (pyglet) said...

You have been busy!
Beautiful, beautiful stuff. I also love Pebble and that accordian wallet was definately worth the fight with the oil cloth.

Sheeps Clothing said...

I can't believe how much stuff you have made. That scarf is gorgeous, as is your new chevron project. Really pretty.
Pebble is very cute.
Your holiday sounds great - I love that part of the state. I have family in Beechworth and I think its just the most gorgeous town. Anywhere full of antique shops, wineries and cheese shops gets the nod from me.

SadieandLance said...

Oooo hi Pebble, you're cute!

nice job tackling the oil cloth Sam, I'm too chicken for that. Can't wait to see the rest of the projects.

cazza said...

What a huge post. Great work on Pebbles. At the momment all your kindly donated leftover wool scraps are being used by Zoe to wind around her balloon jellybean woman, so my stripey draught catcher will have to wait. A few more scraps got lost to pom poms so may be begging for more scraps soon. Did manage a couple of (incomplete) crochet squares tho'! No WIP for me - just leave them unfinished!

Linda said...

oh I do love Pebble, she is gorgeous and that wallet!! it's beautiful!!! you have been busy :)

Di said...

Wow - what a post!! Mammoth!! So much new work to show off though and all of it beautiful! I love Pebble. Sounds like you also had a great holiday!

Little Mysteries said...

Huge post and an amazing of work.
I love your scarf its wonderful. Penelope looks ready for anything in her outfit, she's very cute. Is she friends with Pebble ?
The accordian wallet looks so good.
The girls softies are so cute.
Can't wait to see what else you make.

Alex said...

I'll be rude and not saying anything about the other things you made... but I am totally smitten by your scarf. It is awesome. Love, love, love it!

becsta said...

Hi Samantha, great to meet you at Shannon's stall today, and put a face to a name. Blogland gets that much more personal - I love it!

greenolive said...

I love the Scrappy Scarf. Is it like a long knitted tube?

knit_tgz said...

I love the scrappy scarf! You combined the colours in a great way!