Wednesday, June 20

best friending

Ok, so we are back, and reality can hit hard! After a weekend of sleeping in, nosing in shops, eating too much, watching movies, enjoying the winter sun and a lot of chocolate, all without children or partners, it can be really hard to be back into the routine of school runs, washing, cleaning, cooking, you know all the usual daily tasks. I hate to rub it in, but the weekend really was sublime! The house we rented through Daylesford Getaways (who I would highly recommend) was kitted out with two large queen size bedrooms, both with ensuites, large living area with open fire and window day bed, and gas ducted heating through out (pictures here). We celebrated our arrival by lighting the fire and preparing a large bowl of chocolates!!
I won't bore you with a blow by blow account of the weekend, but some of the highlights were,
- being able to read the entire paper on Saturday morning, in peace
- lounging on the daybed in the winter sun reading and knitting

- finding funny little shops with funny little items for sale
- finding the local yarn store (Purl's Palace) with enticing goodies and welcoming chairs around a fire

- eating the best chocolate cake at Koukla
- enjoying a little too much champagne and red wine
- eating dinner at Frango's & Frango's

- sleeping in
- visiting the Convent Gallery

- meeting 'Bob' at the local market
- buying hats from Bob and his wife Shiena at their wonderful shop in Gordon
- getting a large welcome home from Miss L when I returned Sunday night.
There will be more photos on Flickr. I wish we could do this more often - maybe a plan?

But back in reality again I must finish and get ready for another day of routines tommorrow, with hopefully just a little bit of crafting. Stay on the lookout, as a giveaway will be coming soon.
P.s. for Caroline - see I am reading my book group book!


capello said...

oh, it sounds so lovely and relaxing!

joanne said...

yum all that chocolate eating!!!!!sounds very nice.

cally said...

perfect weekend, like my night of surprise niceness in Edinburgh.

we definitely all deserve/need more of that kind of time in our lives. hope you book somthing like that again this year.

jorth said...

I love the Convent Gallery. Last time I went, they had the most amazing exhibition on life in the Third World. Put me right off the gift shop (all that needless spending when people are starving). Incredible!

Linda said...

how wonderful! That sounds so relaxing just reading about it!! and that chocolate cake - that looks devine!!!!!!!!!!!