Saturday, April 28

so many things to tell

It wasn't meant to be a blogging break, but life really caught up with us and I had little time to sit down to write. Miss L is now 5 and celebrated on the day when we were on Phillip Island. She also had a dinosaur themed party with her friends once we were back in town. Let me tell you I am no Martha Stewart, so thankfully my sis was around to get me organised, party food - check, games - check, gift bags - check, cake - check.
And I have to say that I was very much impressed with the finished outcome of my cake (thank you Women's Weekly). All went well on the day and 20 kids went home happy. What more can you ask really?!

Soon after R left for a few weeks in the states, leaving Miss L and I in the unknown territory of single mother with child scenario. It has been quite a time - with both of us having to make some concessions - Me; less crafting time, sharing my bed, no sleep ins, reading alot of stories, - Miss L; well I'm not sure what her concessions have been, but I'm sure she has made some to her crazy mother. We have also have a lot of fun, and I look forward to the chats we have while lying in bed together, the plethora of ideas Miss L has for filling our day and the cheeriness of her singing songs to R on the phone. As we move well into the second week though, I am starting to crave having my partner back by my side again. I salute all you single mums.

With a break so long I must show off the little crafting I have managed to achieve,

Penelope now has some clothes

Meeka has a new dress

(inspiration from this book)

And those strips that began life as a possible bath mat (still working on that) are now a finished doll's quilt.

All hand pieced and quilted - I adored doing this project, and now have plans for more doll's quilts. But first I want to complete some matching bedding for the quilt. It's funny when you do something how you suddenly start noticing it everywhere, and there are some beautiful examples of doll quilts around to provide inspiration.Liesl's, Heather's (oh I wish I could photograph like that), joybucket's, rosa's, hillary has many to show, and a pity I missed the doll quilt swap.

Finally, I have still been trying to keep up to date with all my bloglines, and have found some interesting reading. Here are a few...

The worsted witch has an excellent post on plastic bags that really makes you think.

Which reminds me how much I am enjoying Jorth's experience of forgoing anything with plastic. I really admire it, but just know that our own household has a long way to go.

This post of Keri Smith's, which resonated but also led me to this unbelievable story.

Some beautiful artwork on etsy.


Di said...

The cake is fabulous! I love the dolls quilts too! I found my doll's bedding in my parents attic about 2 weeks ago - probably 25 years at least since it was played with but still cute!

Megan said...

That's such a great cake, and I love the doll's blanket, especially the quilting you have done on it.

Anonymous said...

doll`s quilt is fab. The dinosaur cake looks a treat. well done. rgg

dani (pyglet) said...

Fantastic dinosaur!!!

capello said...

whoa, that is one amazing cake!

and the dolly clothes and quilt -- wow!

capello said...

(and that story is unbelievable beause it's unbelievable. that faux-hosptial website is a hoax.)


joybucket said...

Your doll quilt is amazing. I love you fabric choices and the way you quilted it.

joanne said...

great dolls quilt - looks fantastic

Anonymous said...


david santos said...


Kirsty said...

Okay I am impressed with the cake
the fact that you had 20 children over
the small photos over the bigger photos of the quilts
the quilts themselves

Linda said...

your cake is AMAZING it is so wonderful well done you! You also are a legend..having 20 children for a party!! Was it Vallium that got you through!!!! I think I would need it!!! the quilt is stunning.

Gwyn said...

What cool dolls clothes - I wish ours were clothed by you - they are butt naked and starting to look very cold!

Sarah said...

That cake is fantastic! You've set the bar high for the years to come.

Thanks for visiting my blog to - tagging is great for finding new blogs to read/

SadieandLance said...

Holy Moly that cake is cool. I love the WW kids cake book - I made the racing car for my partner a couple of yrs ago.

Love Meeka's new dress too.

jennpal said...

your cake is fantastic!!!