Thursday, August 9

Not up to much - but I have a winner

August Favourites, originally uploaded by whizzme.

This lurgy thing is hanging around which is starting to really annoy me - begone oh dreaded lurgy! It has put a serious dent in any sort of crafty output this week too - begone I tell you, begone. However, I got Miss L today to help me choose a winner..... drum roll just one Miss L..... ok the winner is:


so send me your postal address for your surprise parcel

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I enjoyed reading what people like to do on their birthday. I now have so many bloglines to catch up with it has become ridiculous. I apologise for my slowness now in visiting and emailing you all, but I am very much the turtle and not the hare at the moment. And because I am yet to upload the weekend photo's I have left you instead with some things that I am loving at the moment.


a little magpie said...

oohhh so disappointed that I did not win. I was so so so sure that I was going to win just like when I buy a tattslotto ticket and plan what I am going to do with my millions.

capello said...

ooooo... love that illustration!

Majeak Ann said...

Hello Samantha, thanks for your kind comment.

Yes, I will be selling prints from "the bambinas" (poscards, greeting cards) I am designing a cute line.:)

When ready I will make a post. Thanks for your interest!

Have a great day!
Marjorie Ann

SadieandLance said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Linda said...

Hope you are better soon Samantha just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a Bloggers Nice Matters Award!!!!!!

dani (pyglet) said...

Thanks for the comment the other day. Was good to feel like someone got my frustration level.

Really, really hope you feel better soon!

Sheeps Clothing said...

Damned lurgy is visiting here too.
Two boys home with me today, both a bit sick, husband in Bangkok and me sick as well. Bad Mum that I sometimes am, I planted them in front of the playstation and had a snooze on the couch, with the cat, watching Mickey Blue Eyes.
Sometimes you've just got to do it.

the butterfly collector said...

these faves are all gorgeous and I'm intrigued! Must go and explore flickr further! Happy Birthday too!