Wednesday, August 29

crafty japanese inspiration

japanese craft magazines

continuing with the inspiration theme from my last post, I thought I would share my latest Japanese craft books. Superbuzzy had a sale recently, and after giving so much away recently I thought I was due a spend up - any excuse really :) So for your viewing pleasure here are my latest additions.

Cotton Paint Issue 12 : see more pictures and buy here

Cotton friend Spring 2007 : buy here

Cotton & Paint Volume 27: see more pictures and buy here

pochee fall 2006 : see more pictures and buy here

Cafe Summer 2007 : see more pictures and buy here
As you can see plenty more inspiration to fill my head. But if you don't have the money to spend on Japanese craft books at the moment, here are some places you can get some free patterns. Of course the text is in Japanese but the drawings are so easy to follow that it won't matter. Have fun.
naniIRO (thanks to Purl for this link)
kitty craft (I've been using this one for over a year now)


Sheeps Clothing said...

I love those little red shoes with the dotty flowers - just gorgeous.
Sounds like you have been pretty busy of late.

knit_tgz said...

Thanks for the links! I hope to have time (and money for a decent sewing machine!) to try sewing, and these links will help!

fiona said...

thanks so much for the links!!!more project to add to the list, including learning japanese!!