Thursday, May 31

winners are grinners

Well it has taken all day to get this post together - some of it my slowness and some computer slowness, but finally I think we have both got our acts together. I mentioned previously that I belatedly became interested in Project Spectrum. There's even a Flickr group. For April and May the colours are Pink, Green and Yellow, and there is nothing like leaving it until the last day to post your entry! I decided to use it as a chance to practice with the camera, and get outside.

This little mosaic combines some of our garden, the rubbish bin, Miss L's hullahoop, the dog's ball, a vintage hairbrush, my new drink bottle, Miss L's bedroom light and a very unusual bean bag! See if you can work them out. Before I did this I would have said that I predominantly surrounded with green - my favourite colour, but it is amazing what you find once your eyes are open to it.

Anyway, I know you are really here to see if you a giveaway winner so I won't bore you any longer...

Ladies please send me your mailing address to whizzme (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au, and I will post your prize out asap.
Thanks everyone for entering it was fun, and interesting to see how many of you are fabric whores and didn't care what colour fabric you got!! And Stacey the bribe enticement was tempting, maybe we can work out a deal for a hair clip anyway?!

But wait don't go yet. If you did miss out this time, I have decided to have another giveaway next month - still some spring cleaning left to do, so stay tuned. And if you can't wait, I have dusted the cobwebs of my etsy shop and placed some more fabric bundles and other items up for sale. Go check it out.


Shannon said...

I cant believe youre sorting through and are now parting with your fabrics?? good therapy eh?

capello said...

ooooo.. your pink flower with green center? so pretty.

and gah, i can't believe you are cleaning out your fabrics!

Sheeps Clothing said...

And I thought there were no principled people out there any more.....!

Little Mysteries said...

Thank You. What a great surprise !

Jen said...

Oooooh! I'm so excited! I love winning stuff, especially fabric. I checked out your etsy shop and LOVE your fabric bundles! Isn't funny how everyone elses fabric looks so appealing? Anyway, thanks again - I love reading your blog.