Thursday, May 3

absence makes the heart grow fonder

and it really does. After two weeks away from 'his girls' R returned from the states today, to a very warm welcome. Some very nice pressies, but that will have to wait for another post, although I must say the good man did go all the way to Purl for me and purchased some luscious yarn - good, good man.

Anyway, to keep you entertained until our excitement has calmed, and I have pictures to flaunt, here are some interesting things I came across during my late night browsing*

1. Thanks to Bella Dia, who previously posted about this beautiful timewaster site - just move your mouse, then try out some of the other scenes down the bottom. I also enjoyed their one hour site.

2. Would like some of the silkscreens from here, and love this t-shirt.

3. An Ashley's wonderful art has long been a favourite, (I own this and this), but I must draw your attention to her hello series.

4. I love new visitors, because it means you find great new blog's like this one.

And this little line from Blair's latest post really resonated "I may be a pale green, but I'm getting greener."

*Like a love sick teenager last night, I couldn't sleep knowing R would be home soon, so it was a good chance to catch up on bloglines and the like. sad I know...


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