Wednesday, May 23


I have been tagged by Carolyn recently, for the 7 random facts meme. I have shared a few random facts here in older posts, but always happy to oblige a tag. Although, maybe I should get R or Mum to write this, because really I think I'm just plain normal. (stop laughing Jo!). Anyway, here goes.....

1. When I brush my teeth I often point my toe with my right foot like a sort of ballet pose. I don't know why, and usually don't know I am even doing it until R sees me and starts making wise cracks.

2. I love sushi rolls so much, I could eat them every day, and in fact nearly do. Miss L has the same addiction.

3. When I was younger my sister and I used to put a single bed mattress at the top of the stairs and slide down on it to the bottom. Such a lot of fun until Mum and Dad found out why the carpet was starting to come off the stairs.

4. When I smile me eyes crinkle up, so I often am photographed with squinty eyes - noice!

5. I have never been able to hang upside down from the monkey bars - I just can't let go!

6. One of my favourite songs is 'I can see clearly now' by Hothouse Flowers.

7. I grew up blonde and blue eyed. I now have dark brown hair and green eyes. weird!

I really get nervous tagging in case I missed someone has already played, but I'll try
shoofly, carolyn, julie, linda, kristen, justine and Jo, who ignored my last tag!! who kindly did the last tag and I didn't read the post probably - oops

*random photo of my bedside table


joanne said...

handcut - birds and I soo didnt ignore your last tag!!!!!!(hello don't you read my blog) love the ballet point whilst brushing your teeth - maybe you could enter in the Australian version of "so you think you can dance?"!!!!!!!!

62cherry said...

hello! i have done the 7 things meme :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tag Samantha! I'll have to give it some thought...So weird you mentioned Felicity Wishes to me as I found it just TODAY and just HAD to buy it for Isobel, it is gorgeous.

cally said...

Not been here in ages, LOVE this photo. Must start reading your back posts... xxx

capello said...

man, my dad would have had my hide if i sled down the stairs.


dizzyjadey said...

Hi! Just popping in to say a big thank you for the swap package. I love all of it! :-)

shoofly said...

Ha, thanks for the tag! I'm working on my list!

Anonymous said...

hi Samantha just wanted to let you know I did my tag...thanks it was fun!!

Kirsty said...

Love your tea cups and the shanks love wonderful. I am doing weight watches at the moment so food photos just do it for me!!! I know I am talking about the last post, bad habit of mine.

Lucy said...

My sister and I used to scoot down the stairs on a mattress too - oh the hilarity of it. You have reminded me of something at just the right time (I'm currently pretty grumpy with her) so thank you very much!