Thursday, May 10


Recently Dani tagged me for the "5 favourite sites", so here they are;

1. No Appropriate Behavior - Laura has got to be one of the funniest people in blog world. I always check to see if she has a new post, because generally I am guaranteed a good laugh. She is upfront, and honest, which I really like - no I'm Mrs Wondermum, look at my amazing perfect family, and perfect home here - thank god. Mum, you won't always like the language she uses, but she is dead funny, and I have often recounted one of her tales to non-blog friends.

2. Aunty Cookie - Shannon is the reason I ventured into the blog world, and she still continues to inspire. Another very funny lady, who knows how to string words together in an entertaining way. Shannon also is a very talented illustrator (she illustrated a book my partner wrote) and I am the proud owner of quite a few of her works. I have also had the honour to pair up with Shannon for Morphe 2 which was a lot of fun.

3. Artista - Irisz is my favourite artist in blog world. There is something about her illustrations that always touches me, and I love seeing each new work. I did a wonderful swap with Iriz, so I now own one of her works, but she now sells prints of some of her illustrations. Irisz also has a second site where she talks about the processes she uses for illustration.

4. Hello my name is Heather - Well, I'd be surprised if you didn't know Heather's site. Not only is it filled with amazing, colourful photograph, she is always creating new items that just leave you oohing and ahhing. Heather has her own fabric range which I love (Flower's little outfit) and has links to some tutorial's that are excellently put together for easy step by step instructions.

It was really hard to pick a 5th site, because there are so many I like and I hate leaving anyone out, but as my bloglines subscriptions currently stands at 111, it would be a never-ending post. So, I decided to pick a blog that I have been reading right from the beginning, and still really enjoy.

5.The Wish Jar - Keri is an illustrator, author and self confessed guerilla artist. Her blog is always making me think, as she writes about her daily thoughts, experiences and creative challenges. I have one of Keri's books, and have really enjoyed using it to kick start new creative juices if I have felt in a rut. Her writing is often inspiring and thought-provoking.

Ok, so that's my 5. Now, I'm not sure if everyone has done this but if they haven't I would be interested to see what sites, Jo, Kirsty, Laura, Megan and Bianca would pick.


tiel said...

nice choices. some i know and haven't been to for awhile..thanks for reminding me that they are still there.

capello said...


i'm all over it -- i'll try to write it up tomorrow.

sheeps clothing said...

Great list. As I am relatively new to the whole blog thing, its great to get some recommendations to help filter through the crap. I suppose one person's chocolate is another person's crap. So to speak.