Wednesday, June 6

where did the week go?

Suddenly it is nearly(damn it's now after midnight!) Thursday again - boy time can fly. I have been crafting - princess costumes, beanie's, doll's quilts, but no pics yet so I am taking this opportunity to say some thank you's.

To Martiza for my wonderful Doll Quilt I recently won on her site.
(photo from Martiza)
More beautiful things available in her etsy shop.

To Jane for my great parcel for the Flibbertygibbet Fabric Swap.

To Ali for sending me us a copy of the new Charlie & Lola Craft Mag.

And because he's always spoiling us - thanks to R for another beautiful lamb dish!

Some things on my to do list this month:
~Finish spring cleaning the yarn stash = something for this month's giveaway.
~The door stop from this book with my deer fabric from this talented gal.
~Finish 3 doll quilts (why 3? it's a long story, I'll bore you some other time!)
~New photo's for June Project Spectrum.
~A knitted gift for my Rowan Exchange partner.
~An item for the Guardian Angel project.

And some things you should check out:

Entries are open until June 17 for the 2nd Doll Quilt Swap

Beautiful art work by Catherine

9 June - Knit in public day


Ali said...

My pleasure!

capello said...

ooooo... goodies.... jealous!

Jen said...

Beautiful doll quilt! The Charlie and Lola craft book is pretty awesome too - its a favorite at our house.

joanne said...

yum how good does that lamb look?????? yes he does spoil you!

SadieandLance said...

You have been a busy girl, can't wait to see the photo evidence.

And you've also been a lucky girl too! That Dolls quilt is envoking some kind of crazy doll quilt jealousy in me.

PS I'm not sure if I need blue fabric...I mean I don't know if I need it for the bub we're going for the surprise arrival. My fabric stash on the other hand thinks it could do with some blues!

Anonymous said...

the doll quilt is gorgeous. We love Charlie and Lola in this house too!! great looking book! I didn't know there was such a thing...where have I been??

Louise said...

Oh what a lovely doll quilt - I am really looking forward to this swap. Lucky you getting the Charlie and Lola! Mmmmm yummy dinner...

Jane Weston said...

Glad it all arrived ok...have fun!

tiel said...

wow, lots of great things have been happening with sound busy.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh my lord! charlie and lola do craft! how delicious! lucky lucky you! xx pip