Monday, May 14

spoilt again

Once again I have been spoilt by the present gods, and I was given the most lovely mother's day. The beautiful teacup above was given to me early yesterday morning by Miss L, apparently carefully chosen by herself too. I say early, because I had signed myself up for doing the 4km Mother's Day Classic (what was I thinking), and had to brave the very fresh morning to wheezerun around the botanic gardens. Returning home to a shower and time alone to peruse the Sunday paper - something that doesn't happen very often these days. After a short nap, I was woken to the scrumptious aromas of lunch!

Lamb shanks - my favourite c/o Jamie Oliver, and wonderfully prepared by R, accompanied by a bottle of smooth red. Bliss.
I definitely felt that I am a very lucky mother/wife after this delightful day, but talk about raising the bar. I am going to have to do some thing magical for father's day this year!!

As for the present gods, well I will just briefly mention this bag, this perfume and these yarns, that R bought back from his trip. There was also some surprise Victoria's Secret gifts, but I'm a bit shy, so no pic's!!

In amongst all this present receiving I have managed some crafting. Penelope now has a proper bed, mattress, quilt and matching pillow. I think she looks very comfortable. Well worth all that hand stitching.

P.s. This month's whiplash is mini quilt's too, so onto the next endeavour....


sheeps clothing said...

I am reading blogs when I should be preparing dinner! Jamie's lambshanks look superb. If I had got organised earlier in the day, we could be having those!

Lee-ann said...

I have never visited your blog before but am very pleased to do so here today. I too have made this lovely lambshank meal and it is always a hit! with the family.

We are empty nesters and so I have time to enjoy the papers now! (sometimes) lol lol lol

I look forward to a chat again here in blog land.
best wishes Lee-ann

Cosy said...

Lamb shanks are my very favourite!
You have been tagged! Sorry, no pressure... please check out my blog at and tell me some random facts about yourself (or not, again, no pressure!) ~ Carolyn

tiel said...

one of my favs from that book...mmmmm, love cold weather cooking...if only it would get cold up here! And I will NOT be taking a look at the Whiplash link because I will be wanting to do it...just not enough time.

Cheeky Beaks said...

I'm always looking for the opportunity to use this line:
'nice shanks'.

Linda said...

your lamb shanks look yummy. I love Penelope and her quilt and also you are such a lucky girl getting the cup, saucer and plate they are so so so beautiful! Have you tried Nigella's Moroccan Lamb Shanks....yummo :)let me know if you want the recipe