Friday, August 31

a pattern review of sorts

I have a back log of posts to share, so instead of swamping you with information I have resolved to keep it to single bite-sized reading. I'm nice like that :)

I recently purchased 'simple gifts to stitch by Jocelyn Worrall'. I had seen it reviewed somewhere but for the life of me can't remember which blog it was (if I find it, I'll let you know). You may remember that I used this book recently to make my own version of the Accordion Wallet. I was impressed with how easy this came to gather, so decided to try another pattern. Next up the Tri Pocket Ticking Tote, which is featured on the front cover. As I'm trying to be a little more efficient in my craftiness I cut out two bags - one in oil cloth and one in some cool fabric from aunty cookie and that nifty measuring tape fabric. Once again the instructions were extremely easy to follow, and the bag itself was whipped up in a 1/2 hour.
Ta da, Miss L's new ballet bag.

Ballet Bag

This oilcloth was much easier to sew with than the version I used for the accordion wallet. I bought it ages ago at one of those craft fairs, and I haven't been able to find it any where else. The only issue I had with the finished bag, is it is quite deep which I didn't think would be ideal for a knitting bag. Thinking cap on (doesn't happen often) I decided that instead I would cut each of my pre-cut fabrics for the second bag in half (even the handles) and make two from one. Thrifty!!
Knitting bag
So, here is the Aunty Cookie knitting bag, which got some very positive feed back at the market. It is a great size for carrying around a project or two and some bits and bobs.

The down side - I don't like the unfinished look inside - so I have decided to line the inside of both knitting bags. It doesn't bother me so much with the oilcloth version (?!) but it really bugs me every time I open it and see all those nasty seams.

Final results - a biga - two from two for this book.
Pattern: Tri Pocket Ticking Tote
Bag One Fabric: Polka dot oilcloth
Bag Two Fabric: Aunty Cookie Knit One(now available) and American Jane Building Blocks Measure Dark (available here)

P.s. Reprodepot have the book on sale.


Ali said...

The big one is a slightly unusual shape (good for storing gift wrap!) but I adore your dinky version.

tambatoys said...

Great bags, love the contrasting colours of the second one:)

my poppet said...

Love that measuring tape fabric, really eye catching- and thanks for your supportive comments earlier this week

kootoyoo said...

Your knitting bag is really fantastic.

Di said...

The bags are great! I love the fabric - that Aunty Cookie sure knows how to make us want to spend some money!

capello said...

the bag... ::drool::... the bag...

caroline said...

Tape measure bag is very groovy - not surprised market-goers wanted a bit of the action. Miss L's ballet bag looks nearly as big as she is!

Jodie said...

Seriously good work on the bags !

a little magpie said...

I am completely lost !!!!!!