Monday, April 24

these are a few of my favourite things

After looking at this beautiful needle book and then this one today from A Bird in the Hand thought I would share my small collection.
I love needle books and hope to acquire more, but I like them to be petitie - I'm not sure why!

The book with the fish, is my sad little effort from school, which is an awful needle book to use, but I persist! The green little purse book I got from ebay with a gorgeous little pincushion (see below). The little green book, doesn't come up in the photo as beautiful as it really is - bought from an antique store. The little babushka lady book was a present at my sewing classes that I started here, and we still meet each month to get together and sew and chat. In fact I do a lot of the second! Hello sewing girls if your reading!!

And then there are the pincushions I love - again I like them tiny,

which is probably one reason why I've stopped using the 's' cross stitch pincushion I made myself when I was a teenager. At least it looks better than that sorry looking needle book! The other pincushions I have collected over the past year or so
and the little rabbit which I really, really love and had to fight my daughter for it, came in my magic parcel from bara+design. (All the parcel content's can be seen here)
So along this theme I finished this little scissor pocket for a pair of 'nude' scissor's I had.

I was really happy how it turned out, and it didn't take long to make. Quite theraputic actually.I like scissors pockets, because for me they become portable sewing kits, with needles and pins stuck into them!

I just thought of another lovely little needle book seen at its namesake . Claire has also made some beautiful needle books and pincushions too.

I'd love to see yours if you would like to share - leave a link in the comments please so we can all admire.


Sylvie said...

Love your scissor pocket. The birdie really jumps out from that black background.
I'll get back to you later today about our swap. Merci.

li li said...

What a lovely birdie scissors pocket! If only I can make one. :D

cally said...

I love your fishy needlecase, it's so sweet (I'm Pisces, can't get enough of the fish). Your others are great too and I love your pin cushion collection.

I'll need to post my best pin cushion, it's a whale with a screenprinted and embroidered polar bear on it. Goodness only knows where it is just now, under a pile of fabric no doubt.

Claire Louise Milne said...

I love the babushka needle book! and the birdy scissor case is sweet. Thanks for the mention :-)