Friday, April 28

crocodiles and chaos

Well it has been a busy time while my sister C (no blog) has been staying with her family. Miss L loves playing with her cousins Miss Z and Master C, however, there are times when even a four year old needs her space and we have had a few 'melt downs"! I always love when my sister stays and unfortunately it is only a short visit this time. But as usual we have packed it full.

We did manage to visit a few op shops without kids (thanks P!) but didn't score anything note worthy. Then yesterday we visited Melbourne Zoo, and had a wonderful time, although the python in the reptile house was replaying the scene from Harry Potter with far too much conviction for my liking. There was a lot of singing "we're going to the zoo", well that was me, but the kids did join in occassionally!

The top photo is in the new elephant village, and the bottom photo shows the toys they got at the end of the visit, Master C chose a monkey (hidden from view), Miss Z a baby kangaroo and Miss L a rattlesnake

I am still amazed that Miss L was completely freaked out in the butterfly house, but loved the bloody HUGE python so had to take home a snake?! so not like her mother!!

Then today after Miss L had rudely woken the household way too early, we went to the Melbourne aquarium. I have to say Miss L and I love the aquarium and have a member's pass. There is just something soothing and fascinating about fishes, even with two 4 year olds and a 2& 1/2 year old. We ended up spending several hours checking out the jellyfish (my favourite), the giant squid, the sharks etc. etc.

In between the moderating and negotation that is needed with (over)excited kids, C and I have done alot of talking about craft, craft books, craft blogs and how I need help with my photography. I do have to agree that C takes fantastic photos and I never seem to be able to improve no matter how much I concentrate. So I will try harder. I also managed to finish Miss Z's pillow from Grandma for her, and made Master C a crocodile pillow. The fabric was his choice, and also a crocodile requested. I was quite happy with the quickly achieved result. Although I think Master C has been just as happy with the off-cut of blue fabric he has dragged his toys around the house in! Miss L had to show off her pillow again too, of course.

So after 3 hectic but fun days, the house looks like a hurricane hit it and we all feel like this-
P.S. I did also manage to send my swap parcels, so Rita, Gabriela, Sylvia and Christine keep an eye out in your mail.

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caroline said...

Thank you for a lovely time together (again). Photos look wonderful. I am inspired to start so many projects back home before the reality of work and routine set in. And maybe a 'nerdy research blog' will be up and running this year.