Sunday, April 23

Finished... well some things

Okay so the weekend wasn't quite as productive as planned, and I didn't get to the post office, but then I often think I'm going to get so much more done than I can. However, I am now ready for the post office tomorrow.

Swap packages ready for posting, fabric pouches sewn and tags made. I have a few more swaps scheduled for later and I'm sure to arrange more (as I'm kinda addicted) so I wanted to be better prepared.

And those other bags I was talking about....

4 more done. Yay! can't say who they are for yet, but I am pleased with how they look. More labels to finish with now too!

(pockets inside)

But I also have severe bag envy after seeing this today made by Anna.

However, I'm now off to do some knitting and finish the little holder for my scissors I started today. Yeah, I know another project!! Actually I should be cleaning ready for my sister and her family who arrive Tuesday. We can't wait, but for now the cleaning can.


cally said...

Ooh so many great bags! You have a lot of good fabrics and nice linings too.

Would definitely like to see your antique needle case.

cally said...

I meant to say I tagged you with a Me-Me, it's on my blog, join in if you like, but no pressure.

shannon said...

Nice work on the bags Mrs T, they look swisho indeed.

Hanna said...

looks like you've been working out infront of the sewing machine! :-)

Like your blog a lot!