Monday, April 24

me - tagged!

Five me's
Lovely Cally is the first person to tag me, so here goes...

Five minutes to yourself: how would you spend them, ideally?
Well, probably I'd be reading a book, because it's really hard to get time to do that around here, with a 'nice' cup of tea, and a bag of pascall chocolate eclairs.

Five bucks to spend right now; how would you spend it?
A bag of chocolate eclairs, and a rummage through the local op shop - I'm sure I'd find something.

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already?
This question is hard for me, because I'm a bit of a bower bird, but probably the PhD stuff sitting under the back bed, the horrible standing fan in Lucy's room, the cheap target book cases, struggling now!, um, the bread maker we never use, and, the old videos I'm keeping, god knows why.

Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house?
whizzme the bear, (i guess husband and daughter are a given :) ), my gorgeous armchair picked out by my husband, my red & white china collection, my new i-mac, my red kimono scarf.

Five words you love?
gorgeous, oodles, stinkymalinky, nudeyrudey and hoochie (thanks Mrs Davey!)

Five people I tag
Well this is hard because I'm not sure whose been tagged before, so if you haven't and you'd like to - your tagged!!


shannon said...

Mmmm didnt know you had a penchant for eclairs...does your personal IGA not supply?? Also, breadmaker = EBAY, mine went and it was like 2 years old, money for thirfting I tell you....

Also, will require small tutorial on how you got the little pic/logo thingys on your side bar...for the life of me I cant work out how to do that. Also will repost my copies of CS to you on wednesday when Im back at the office.

Jessica said...

It is a pleasure meeting you, Samantha. Banana chocolate chip muffins are actually a lot more delicious than you might think. I love strawberries/bananas dipped in chocolate so..why not put some carbs around it and you got yourself a meal!