Sunday, April 30


Well today I re-organised the house, room by room, so that everything is now back in the proper place (or where I like it to be anyway, which is really the same thing!). I can never get anything else done unless I feel like there is proper order. Miss L was quite helpful in this monstrous task, and we even made a new rather large collection of things to be given to the op shop. I was very impressed with her ability to let things go because someone else might need it more. We try to do this quite regularly, the rule originally being "if you get something new, then something old has to go". But sometimes rules do not apply, or so I've been told by 4 year old Miss L!

Anyway, after completing this detoxification I thought that I deserved some 'me' time, so I got out my journal and my new graphite pencils. I haven't drawn for a very long time (doodled, but nothing specific) and I was very nervous about what would appear from the end of my pencil. I have been harbouring an eagerness to join illustration friday but thought some practice was required first. Hence the purchase of some new lead drawing pencils. This is what emerged, no.1 dream and no.2 scared:

I then moved on to number 3 and decided to use my new Derwent coloured pencils too, so no.3 asleep:
I am quite happy with these first three, so think I'll keep playing around with them this week. Next I'm going to learn Illustrator, but that might be a little way off for now.

Off now to do some more beanie knitting. It's getting cold....


kate said...

your drawings are beautiful. I hope we'll see many more of them.

shannon said...

Very nice birdies, reminds me of 70's fabric prints. Which I can teach you how to do in Illustrator so you can make wallpaper out of the birdies if you like?

Mrs Davey said...

Your Talents are quite endless