Monday, June 25

panic can lead to good things

what's that you say - panic leads to good things? how does that work?!
Well, it works for you....
It would be an understatement to say that after two weekends away the household for the whizzme clan was very much in disarray. My to do list had reached two pages when I just gave up writing things down - where to start? Then we hit panic stations. Friday we were informed that my car I had recently battered with a few walls and fences was finally going in to be repaired on Monday - no problems, all weekend to clean the travelling brothel out. Stay with me, there is a good ending to this story! Then later on Friday, more good news, our new couch for the spare room was arriving Monday too. Those of you who have seen our spare room recently, know that space is not a premium in the craft, come storage, come washing haven. So, we did, what any family would do and panicked! It took most of Saturday and all day Sunday to sort through our treasure trove to leave a car load of goods for the local charity shop, a bag of goodies for the school, some gifts for friends and family and of course, what you've been waiting for....giveaways.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a collection of beautiful mohairs and silk fleece for felting.
Hippie Chick is a collection of handspun and hand dyed wool yarn.
Fancy Schmancy is a collection of special and novelty yarns.

The rules are simple
- anyone can enter (even family!) by leaving a comment, with their desired giveaway.
- oh that's it for rules
so go ahead, write a comment!

I'll be posting winner's on Friday. Good Luck

P.s.the new couch has become my favourite crafting spot already!


caroline said...

Your little sis is a hippie chick
who would love some yarn that's cool
And as green is a fav funky colour
I think I should scoop that pool!

Lesley said...

It must be the weather, Caityquilter is cleaning out her magazines. I rather like the fancy schmancy colour range.

Janice said...

I love the schmancy fancy yarn. I also love the hand dyed yarn too!!!

jorth said...

Ooooh, that fancy schmany collection would sure knit up into some pretty gorgeous scarfs... hint, hint!

Such a lovely person, to be doing giveaways!

glorydaze said...

hmmm that green in hippy chick looks very yummy. Just learnt to knit last week and I would love something yummy to make my first project.

SadieandLance said...

I'm not here for the yarn - got me plenty of that already - even some blue yarn ;). Just dropped by to say thanks so much for the pressie, the fabric will look gloriously blue in my stash and the lil softie is so cute. xxx

leslie said...

i'm such a sucker for a give-away! the hippie chick pile is making me salivate.

carolyne said...

i'm having car problems too :( not sure if the old girl is going to make it... glad your's is all sorted now.
& as for the giveaways: i am a felter so would love love the fuzzy wuzzy mix :)

Dale Anne said...

All 3 are FABULOUS and such GREAT colours!!!

Sweet Pea said...

I am new to felting but would love to try it out with those yummy fuzzy wuzzy colours :)

fiona said...

hi just found you via amities group at flicka, love them all but if you are forcing me to choose....fancy schamsy!!!

Anonymous said...

We have been purging too! Nothing to give away though, it all went to the tip!!!But what a great feeling it is to get rid of stuff and organise what's left. All the wools are gorgeous!

ikkinlala said...

I would love to enter the Hippie Chick giveaway!

Bec said...

Good on you for doing such a massive clean out - may you revel in your new-found physical and mental spaciousness!

That hippie chick yarn looks great!