Wednesday, July 30

running away

Everything is running away at the moment, time, days, projects, deadlines, ok really it all comes back to time. No matter how organised I think I am I seem to be forever running to catch up.By Sunday nighI had got myself into such a state I had to sit down and draw up a massive planner with all my due dates, appointments, work etc.  Phew! it is pasted to the window next to my beloved imac, and is scaring the bejezus out of me!! I must learn not to say yes to everything! well at least not before checking my schedule.  In short this is why I haven't responded to your lovely emails and comments, and haven't dropped by to say hello (boy you guys all write alot!!).  However, this post is not about boring you with my inefficient time management skills.  Once again the whizzme clan have been taking in some sights.

Last week Mum was over (the mother who lovingly finishes my knitting projects for me) again.  Mother whizzme, Miss whizzme and myself went to Bendigo for two nights so we could once again visit the wonderful Sheep and Wool Show that the town hosts each year.  This show never disappoints, and if you have never made the trip and love yarn, I would suggest booking it in for next year.  I was restrained in my purchases this year, but still enjoyed the wonderful colours and creations and textures on show.  That ol' sheep has got the right idea. Miss Whizzme enjoyed the nursery farm - for about 2 straight hours!  On the way home we also stopped into Kyneton, a lovely town with some great shops, and a yarn store of its own.

Mum came supplied with the Sarah Dallas wrap cardigan knitted ready for sewing up - and it looks lovely so far.  It meant confessing to the fact that I had not yet sewn up last years cardigan, and was thoroughly falling down on my part of the bargain. Enough said!

I luckily received one of RicRac's wonderful little birdcages - they are so adorable, he is hanging here now keeping me company - thanks Jodie.

Meanwhile, I am slowly finishing my mockery socks (boy are they aptly named - they mock me every day!), trying to ignore the morning surf scarf (on ravelry) I started in Bendigo and attempting to squeeze in a quick gift making session for a new baby.  Most mornings however, I can be found rushing Miss Whizzme to school while brushing my hair, knitting a few rows at traffic lights and wondering how I managed to put my top on inside out again!

Tuesday, July 22

you never know

you never know, originally uploaded by whizzme.

where some of the best feet might turn up!!
Bandaids are the latest, darlink!

Really I have lots to show and tell but can't get my act into gear, so this will do for now. Want to try it? have fun

Thursday, July 17

a link to double my chances!

image from blog - original artwork and photography

Very selfish of me, and it will sound very insincere now, but I would have told you about this gorgeous artist regardless of her running a competition, no really!

However, I am besotted with her fantastic effiel tower paper art that is currently up for grabs, so anything to help me win. The bonus of course, is not only do you now get to see this fabulous artist, but you too can enter. There are 3 original artworks she is giving away. A big thank you to Amy Karol for providing this link via her venus zine article. If we miss out it's lucky she has an etsy store too!

Meanwhile, the boring stuff is that I am steadily working away at the list of projects, rejoicing that school holidays are over so I can have some quiet time - literally - geez Miss Whizzme can talk!, and doing some extra work at PANDA. So no surprises that the dishes still aren't done, the washing is done but now covers the dining room table waiting to be put away and Miss Whizzme & I are having a stand-off about cleaning her room. Everything back to normal!
And the book sale is still on.... more books still to be uploaded, and coming soon my destash fabric sale.

Sunday, July 6

book sale time

Updated: I have added more craft books and even some japanese craft magazines.

well now that you are well and truly sick of hearing me moan about my princess ways, I have decided to entice you with a book sale.  I have decided to cull my rather large craft book stash, and at the same time earn some money for my New York* spending fund.  So go take a look in my etsy shop.  There are several craft areas - knitting, quilting, sewing and even some japanese craft books.  I have only managed to upload a third of the pile, so keep checking back.

And here's the sweetner, if you buy any extra items after your first book from the shop you pay no more shipping. So the more you buy the more you save! 

Meanwhile, I am putting together a Pirate birthday party for a riot of 3 year olds.  Walk the plank, finding buried treasure, making hats and telescopes - let the riot begin!!  Surprisingly someone is paying me for this service - maybe a new job outlook?  hmm, will see how I feel after the party.  

Hope you all have a good week and don't forget to grab a bargain!

*I know you are all heartily sick of hearing about the whizzme clans holidays, but we are going to New York at the end of this year - spending money is crucial!!  I'm thinking of having a fabric sale next - so keep your eyes peeled!!