Saturday, February 9

not so gloomy

it is very dark, and some would say gloomy here today. I had lots of ideas to sew,craft, and photograph recent purchases and op-shop finds. The Optus man must have known, because yesterday he gave* me a brand new phone. Those who know me well, will know that yes I have spent most of yesterday and today fiddling with all the tricks it does. Oh it is just so exciting (oops that was my inner nerd escaping). It takes wonderful photos (as shown above), sync's with my lovely imac, and looks pretty damn good. Even Mr Whizzme is having trouble hiding his envious glances. It's making the Blackberry he uses look passe! But enough of that there is meant to be crafting** here! 

I have managed a few more rows on the ripple blanket while watching continuous episodes of Jeeves and Wooster. Oh to have a jeeves, especially a Stephen Fry one.

Well, now that I think I know everthing about my new phone, I might just have some time left in the day to do something else. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, there is a lull in the rain so I am off to walk the dog.

**well it wasn't really a present, but it felt like one after my latest phone saga. I only a few months ago received a new phone as my other one was no longer working.  While we were at the beach Miss Whizzme decided to offer it a glass of water, which it didn't take to very well.  Optus wanted me to pay $175 for another phone - "phooey to that" I said.  I haven't been a customer for 10 years to pay stupid fees for a phone, specially as I have paid insurance for all that time.  So the nice man decided to waive the whole thing, let me start a new plan, and pick a new phone.  Of course I chose the phone at the top of list (who wouldn't), but with all the savings my new plan is making (I was averaging a jaw-dropping monthly amount on my previous plan) I figured - what the hell!  Best customer service I have had for a long time.  If you are in my area next time you need Optus, go to the Glenferrie Rd store and asked for Rick.  Here ends the saga of the phone. 

*Mr Whizzme believes that I am forever crafting - witch craft that is! Hilarious this man, I tell you.


CurlyPops said...

That is an amazing photo for a phone - so crisp and clear and beautiful.

Amelia said...

hello, i was just wondering if you were interested in joining Melboure's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'

there are also links there to maps and addresses of melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested.

regards, Amelia

Jodie said...

hey thats a great phone photo !

2paw said...

Thts is excellent service!!! I am very impressed!!! Nice picture too.

Kirsty said...

You've got to love a new techno-toy. What a great pic...I think I might need a new phone now.

tiel said...

i like the way you are writing parts of this post small....shhhh! I even read it with my inner head whisper voice!