Tuesday, February 12

i've been a little bit naughty*

(photo by Carlos Porto, found on flickr)

Books, books, and more books.  In case you hadn't noticed I really love books. I did a quick scan and realise that there have been 14 previous posts on books.  There have also been some photos supplying evidence of my book collections.  But there is no such thing as too many books. Well not in my world anyway, and, thankfully Mr Whizzme has nothing to say on this subject (which is quite amazing given how much he has to say on most other things!)  Anyway, today I discovered a like minded soul who likes to have several books on 'the go'.  Over the years I have been asked about this bigamous reading habit a lot.  I know many people prefer to read one book at a time, cover to cover, until beginning the next.  And, yes, sometimes I do too.  But generally, I like to have a selection next to the bed, so that no matter what mood takes me, I have a suitable book.  Don't get me wrong, this habit can have its down sides;  it can take a long time to finish a book,  sometimes I have to re-read bits because I've forgotten the gist of the story line between readings, and some books can sit on the bedside stack never being chosen, forgotten, neglected, buried beneath more recent purchases.  Our discussion of this phenomena led to confessions of the books we currently have waiting for their reading moment.  I thought this would make a interesting meme (and has probably been done before but I missed it).  So, in no particular order here is my list of current books that keep me company in bed.
  • The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (about a third read, my favourite read this week)
  • A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Sonit (purchased after reading about it on Keri's blog, and have been randomly reading chapters)
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (recently finished and kept because I still have book questions to answer)
  • The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall (recent purchase - not yet started)
  • The Dressmaker's Daughter (another recent purchase not yet started)
  • The Art of Domesiticity by Jane Brocket (about 2/3 read, my second favourite read this week)
  • Australian Story - off the record (also a recent purchase not yet read)
  • The Meaning of the Night by Michael Cox (bought from the secondhand bookstore because it looked good, but haven't started it yet)
  • The Bay by Di Morrissey (present from Mum at Christmas, but haven't looked at yet)
  • The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (a favourite of mine, and there in case I need a book to read to Miss Whizzme when she is sharing my bed if Mr Whizzme is out of town)
  • A Vintage Ladybird Annual (same as above)
  • The Passionate Shopper by Marion van Alderstein (a gift from Mr Whizzme that I love dipping into)
  • Agatha Christie by Andy Easts (a vintage quiz book given to me by a friend who knows how much I love the queen of crime although the quizzes are quite hard!)
  • On Friendship by Michel de Montaigne (a gift from the best friend - I just like looking at the cover)
  • A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf (also a gift from the best friend, but have only read a few pages so far)
  • Crochet Handmade Style (a little inspiration, and for when I'm too tired for words)
  • It's in the details by Lucinda Ganderton (there for the same reason as the previous book)
  • Book Lust by Nancy Pearl (in case I'm hunting for a particular book)
  • So Many Books so Little Time by Sara Nelson (purchased a long time ago, keep meaning to read it one of those buried at the bottom of the pile books)
  • Then there is the magazine pile which includes the lastest issue of Frankie, the last few issues of Dumbo Feather, some Marie Claires, an Australian Country Style, and an older issue of Home Companion.
Phew! No wonder my little reading light's batteries keep needing replacement!
Well, that's me, now I wonder what these people have on their bedside tables?
or feel free to play, but please let me know so I can check it out too.

*If you are Mr Whizzme don't read any further because it good cause you some distress.
I visited one of my favourite, very well stocked, book stores today and spent a while in absolute bliss finding new titles to add to my book list.  In fact, the sales assistant was feeding me so many 'have you seen this one' titles even I became a little overwhelmed. So, it probably would come as no surprise to learn that this visit unearthed two titles which have been burning holes in my book list for a while now.  They. Had. To. Be. Purchased.  I know you understand...


2paw said...

I love The Handmaid's Tale, I read it again a few months ago. Nice to see someone else who has a bazillion books to read too!!

Lazy cow said...

You've just described me to a T! And my daughter is EXACTLY the same. Sometimes I wonder if it is teaching her bad habits: starting too many things at once, not concentrating on one thing at a time. Nah, that applies to everything BUT books.
Great bedside list. I just read the Jane Brocket for the 2nd time. Glorious.

Jodie said...

Oh whizzers ! thanks for the tag. This will take some serious thinking.

Stacey said...

Ooh - I'll play along. Just give me a day or two to sort myself out!
I sometimes have three or four books on the go, but only ever one novel. Perhaps my brain is too small to hold more than one story thread at a time?

Lindsay said...

What a great list! I'm a big Margaret Atwood fan, Cat's Eye is my favourite. I've been reading your blog for a little while but your list of books has inspired me to say hello. I always have a large pile of books by my bed and can't resist a bookshop either!

greenolive said...

ooh, how spooky? You posted on 12 Feb ruary about what you are reading in bed and without realising you had mentioned me I did my tag post that confessed I don't "read" anymore, I "look" instead. Having said that, Australian Country Style is in the pile. And I'm note sure I like their redesign. As an ex graphic designer it screams slick urban pad not nice country house.

greenolive said...

But having said that, I do BUY books, but mostly books with pictures. I did an Amazon order about 6 months ago and bought 15 craft books in one go. The dollar was very good. And I'm feeling like its time again, with the dollar being at 92c and all...