Tuesday, January 1

what happened to lazy summer days?

The whizzme clan is still hanging out here in Adelaide. It is absolutely scorching hot here which you would think (well I did) meant that you could laze around reading books, using the pool and generally just taking it easy. No, not US. We have to be either visiting people, eating and drinking with people, or visiting, eating, drinking and talking with people. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing all my friends and family, and eating and drinking is usually quite a favourite past time - not to mention my ability to talk. But when the weather man is saying it is over 40 degrees outside, and not a whole lot cooler inside I think go slow should be the order of the day. I have decided that we are just a debacle, so I'll guess I'll just have to live with it!!

Today, is the first day since Christmas Eve I have been able to sneak away, find a cool quiet location and fire up my little broadband lifeline. I am being as quiet as a mouse while the others are out in the pool. Feverishly reading and catching up on as much as possible. So, quickly before the wet wild brigade find me some business to attend to: I had forgotten to wish everyone the best in this brand new year, and to say thank you to all of you who stop by. My new year's resolution is to be better at getting back to those of you who to take the time to comment, but given my inability to be resolute about any past resolutions I apologise now to you if this doesn't happen. I do have the best of intentions. Now I really must get back to my reading, you have all been up to so much while I've been offline. And as I have no photo's uploaded to share, here are some inspiring images I have come across today.

summer inspiration

1. White vinyl bird applique pouch, 2. Hexagonlove, 3. Feliz Natal a todos / Merry Christmas to all, 4. piggies back end, 5. reindeer 7, 6. Kup Kup artworks, 7. Handmade Soaps, 8. Dahlias, 9. gingerbread house

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oldflowers4me said...

hello dear 1- happy summer to you and your family- your world is divine- la la la -jo anderson-

2paw said...

Happy New Year and than you for the lovely pictures: very inspiring.

blackie said...

oh my that is HOT! I don't think I actually would be able to move even if I wanted to. Cocktails by the pool the only way to go...in the shade of course