Wednesday, January 9

and now for some relaxation...or not!

Well the Whizzme clan is back at home base for a brief recoup and reorganisation before we head off to Phillip Island for two weeks - the real holiday - beach, beach and more beach (with a fair bit of crafting slotted in).  Don't get me wrong, Christmas in Adelaide was great, but hectic.  I'm looking forward to that go slow pace I think I mentioned in the last post, especially since the weather is heading back into the 40 degree category.  Pimm's anyone?

Enough for the moment though about our constant jaunts around the countryside.  This post was going to be me showing off all the things I've made (since this did start out being a sort of crafty blog).  I spent most of today taking photos of things and making lists of all the stuff I haven't shown you yet, except that the list is so long now and there are so many photos it has sort of all got out of hand.  I am now trying to categorize them into readable blog posts (should keep me posting until the end of January at least!) so I don't overwhelm you like has been known to happen before.  As such this post is now sort of rambly shambles!  Little Miss Whizzme and Mr Whizzme both have some sort of tummy bug (thankfully not the gastro kind) which has meant little sleep for me, and a lot of listening to whiny whinges (oh how patient I am!).  My highlight for today was finally convincing (promise of new kid's mag) Miss Whizzme to come to the post office so I could pick up my new purchase from Wallace Cotton (thanks to Megan for the lovely tip).

Some of you will have noticed that not only is our bed sporting a lovely new summer quilt with matching pillowcases, but that the bed is in fact in an entirely different room!  You must have missed this post which mentions the crazy lady (me) making Mr Whizzme rearrange three rooms just before we left for Christmas.  Everyone is extremely happy with their new rooms, and I am loving the new outlook from my bed, and my new extra big bedside table (which is hiding a fabric stash inside).  Wally however is now extremely put out as he can't get to my side of the bed, which is where he used to lie in our old room.  He is sulkily making use of the new floor space and floor cushions in the lounge instead!

After changing the linen etc, I found the wall stickers I bought before Christmas for Lucy's room but had put away.  (With the Christmas presents for Lucy that I left behind - oops! at least we know what we are getting her for her birthday this year).  Anyway, because Miss Whiny Whizzme wasn't feeling the best I thought I'd sneak in and jazz her new room up while she was lying on the couch watching the 3rd run of Pocoyo.

I must say I was dubious about these wall stickers being reappliable(?) but they are! I am really impressed with them.  I have hidden a couple of them around the room for her to find.

Now I really must go and get a little shut eye before the first sickie awakes.  
Lucky this is above the bed as a constant reminder.


Megan said...

Isn't Wallce Cotton's stuff great! I'd spend a fortune there if I let myself.

Jodie said...

The wall stickers are great.
Thanks for the tea towel shot. Mine is here somewhere??? Must find and frame.

AnnieB said...

god that bed looks calm and tranquil and very damn inviting!

am so envious of your hot weather and pimms. It grey and miserable over here in London

glad I bumped into your blog. I'll be back to live summer vicariously through it...

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

Yay - I knew you had a blog post in you!!
As a certifiable linen-aholic I am heading over to Wallace Cotton right now. This very second.
Have a great trip to PI. Say hi to the koalas and penguins from me.

2paw said...

Oh Phillip Island, now I am thinking of that wonderful poem!!!
I hope that the small Whizzes are feeling better soon. Love the new room, it does look calm, and I love your sign!!!!!

SadieandLance said...

There you are! Love the summer quilt. Nice idea on switching rooms (although a little crazy as a pre christmas activity!)

Kirsty said...

I know what you mean about the real holiday. I'm having mine now in the comfort of my own home - and I LOVE it. Hope yours is lovely.

becsta said...

Hope Phillip Island is restful and relaxing, despite the weather! Your bedtoom looks great - I love those two windows! I'd just wanna lie in bed all the time!