Sunday, December 23

Dear Santa

Well it is nearly Christmas Day, and I know I have left it rather late to be writing, but I hope you will still take this note into consideration when tallying up the nice people and not the naughty ones! I have been rather busy of late finishing presents (13 nightdresses, 3 art packs, 3 flower clips, a hooded cape and an Alice in wonderland costume at last count), packing up the car for the trip to Adelaide (presents, swimming gear, dog's gear, food, clothes, dress-ups etc.) and ensuring everybody had plenty of snacks and entertainment for the said car trip. With so much to think about I guess you wouldn't be surprised to learn then that I left two very important presents for Miss Whizzme hidden in the back closet. So, if you could please ensure Miss Whizzme could have something else off her Christmas list this year I promise to take up the baton again next year! I am also hoping that you enjoyed the Christmas singing that took place during our car journey which was in your honour! (Our dog Wally didn't seem too impressed so if you could pop something small into his stocking for being so tolerant of his owners during the 8 hours of car ride, it would be much appreciated). As for myself, I am hoping that the next two days can be enjoyed with much rest, a little eating, a little drinking and some time with my family. If you do seem to have something tucked away for me, I wouldn't mind one of those fairies that come and clean up the house while you are asleep! I have included a few photos for your amusement too. Anyway, travel safe Santa, try not to eat too many cookies and don't forget to rug up warm.

All the best


P.s. The winner of this month's giveaway is Annie , but don't worry, I've got that one covered.

P.p.s. I'm not sure when I will get a chance to write again, but I will be thinking of you during the holidays.


Kirsty said...

Merry Christmas & a happy & safe new year. Hope your holidays are lovely.

Jodie said...

Drive safely and have a lovely christmas. I hope Santa pays special attention the the very polite request for a cleaning fairy.

Cosy said...

Merry Christmas Samantha! I hope you enjoy your stay in Adelaide (perfect weather at the moment and getting warmer by the weekend) and have a lovely Christmas with your family.

Carolyn x

David and Melissa said...

Hi Sam,
Hope that you have a lovely ans safe chrissy and that you enjoy the time with your family. Good luck with the fairy-if you see him or her could you give them my address! LOL!!
Melissa! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

SadieandLance said...

Merry Christmas Sam! I told Santa you'd been a good girl. Hope Adelaide is fun. xxx