Friday, June 29

what do you mean I didn't win?!

No, sis, you didn't - but - there is a bag of yarn heading your way as I write this - OK? :)
Sheesh! the pressure you can get from family!! Only joking.
As for everyone else, I won't keep you in suspense for much longer, but even if you didn't win this time I will be having another giveaway next month - craft books- and I know you all love them, so keep your eye out for it. So, the winners for this month are:

Please ladies send your snail mail details to whizzme(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au so I can pop these gifts in the post.
I was going to have a shop update to tempt those of you who weren't so lucky this round, but the light hasn't been great for photo sessions this week. My main task now for next week is to update the shop - I have a few things up my sleeves and um, clogging up the crafting area so I will let you ASAP.

Otherwise, Miss L this week has been keeping me busy with science. Yes, we have been donning our lab coats after school and playing with fire - literally! (all under supervision of course) In fact our experimentation has been so successful Miss L got to show a couple to her class - and suitable ooh's and aah's were given.

Which, reminds of me of this morning's little soiree where there was an abundance of oohing and aahing. I had a Tupperware party. Yes, I have always loved the plastic fantastic, and am now hocking everything to afford all the pieces i need want. Excited about the little hostess gift I received (shown below - egg separator, small sieve and funnel) Mostly, though I am trying not to eat all the leftover cake and biccies.

Speaking of which, Miss L is being quite insistent about my attendance at her tea party, so must go find my gloves and hat. And, so the school holiday's begin! Below are some things that have cheered my week. Hope yours has been a good one too.

-eating pizza at a new restaurant with Miss L and telling really dumb jokes.
-finding the latest little fabric mail out from Amitie in the mail.
-lying next to Miss L at bedtime and reading The Folk from the Faraway Tree
-having dinner with bestfriends as their leaving date gets closer (the dinner cheered me not the leaving date!)
-having an old friend from school email me about joining them on facebook
-watching a great off the wall movie (Thank you for not smoking) in the middle of the day while,
-knitting up odd's and end's into little finished projects
-applying to volunteer at panda

and a few links too
-admiring Jen Corace's artwork
-amazement at the Dirty Car artwork
-loving Bill Wadman's 365 portrait project
-spending too much time browsing on sk*rt

Monday, June 25

panic can lead to good things

what's that you say - panic leads to good things? how does that work?!
Well, it works for you....
It would be an understatement to say that after two weekends away the household for the whizzme clan was very much in disarray. My to do list had reached two pages when I just gave up writing things down - where to start? Then we hit panic stations. Friday we were informed that my car I had recently battered with a few walls and fences was finally going in to be repaired on Monday - no problems, all weekend to clean the travelling brothel out. Stay with me, there is a good ending to this story! Then later on Friday, more good news, our new couch for the spare room was arriving Monday too. Those of you who have seen our spare room recently, know that space is not a premium in the craft, come storage, come washing haven. So, we did, what any family would do and panicked! It took most of Saturday and all day Sunday to sort through our treasure trove to leave a car load of goods for the local charity shop, a bag of goodies for the school, some gifts for friends and family and of course, what you've been waiting for....giveaways.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is a collection of beautiful mohairs and silk fleece for felting.
Hippie Chick is a collection of handspun and hand dyed wool yarn.
Fancy Schmancy is a collection of special and novelty yarns.

The rules are simple
- anyone can enter (even family!) by leaving a comment, with their desired giveaway.
- oh that's it for rules
so go ahead, write a comment!

I'll be posting winner's on Friday. Good Luck

P.s.the new couch has become my favourite crafting spot already!

Wednesday, June 20

best friending

Ok, so we are back, and reality can hit hard! After a weekend of sleeping in, nosing in shops, eating too much, watching movies, enjoying the winter sun and a lot of chocolate, all without children or partners, it can be really hard to be back into the routine of school runs, washing, cleaning, cooking, you know all the usual daily tasks. I hate to rub it in, but the weekend really was sublime! The house we rented through Daylesford Getaways (who I would highly recommend) was kitted out with two large queen size bedrooms, both with ensuites, large living area with open fire and window day bed, and gas ducted heating through out (pictures here). We celebrated our arrival by lighting the fire and preparing a large bowl of chocolates!!
I won't bore you with a blow by blow account of the weekend, but some of the highlights were,
- being able to read the entire paper on Saturday morning, in peace
- lounging on the daybed in the winter sun reading and knitting

- finding funny little shops with funny little items for sale
- finding the local yarn store (Purl's Palace) with enticing goodies and welcoming chairs around a fire

- eating the best chocolate cake at Koukla
- enjoying a little too much champagne and red wine
- eating dinner at Frango's & Frango's

- sleeping in
- visiting the Convent Gallery

- meeting 'Bob' at the local market
- buying hats from Bob and his wife Shiena at their wonderful shop in Gordon
- getting a large welcome home from Miss L when I returned Sunday night.
There will be more photos on Flickr. I wish we could do this more often - maybe a plan?

But back in reality again I must finish and get ready for another day of routines tommorrow, with hopefully just a little bit of crafting. Stay on the lookout, as a giveaway will be coming soon.
P.s. for Caroline - see I am reading my book group book!

Thursday, June 14

where is she?

She, I mean I (R mentioned the other day that we, as in him and me, need to stop referring to ourselves in the 3rd person for Lucy, like, mum doesn't like it when... or mum thinks..., anyway I'm off topic already so let's leave this!) so I, have been neglecting this poor little blog... again. And I truly apologise for not responding to any comments, I will try to get to them soon. I am sure, however, you will all be relieved to know I've been having a wonderful time in my absence though!! You see, (here come the excuses) my best friend and her family are living in my town for 6 months, so we are trying to do as much as we can, while we can, lovely I hear you say! Oh yes, but now we are down to the last weeks, weeks and there is still so much we planned to do! Not that I'm panicking. No, I just realised that it was much easier to let everything else slide and do what I did for exams - cram! Therefore, the rest of this post will be all about our long weekend away, to Apollo Bay, a beautiful part of the Victorian Great Ocean Road, even if a little nippy in June. What did we do? Well, you know the usual, eating, drinking, playing, eating, drinking, reading, eating, shopping, walking, eating, dvd's, drinking... I'm sure you get the picture, and here are the pictures.

Tree top walk in the Otway Ranges
fascinating collections of fungi
buying gourmet finds, sampling local cafe, finding new friends, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Biregurra

But you see one weekend is not enough for moi, so we are off again this weekend to explore Daylesford. The best part of this weekend being it is just us two girls. So the weekend is more likely going to be, talking, eating, talking, drinking, talking, shopping, talking, walking, talking....

Since I am neglecting you, I feel I should be at least leaving some enticing links for you to explore, but I haven't even had time to browse the web. I'm sure you all know how to amuse yourselves though until I get back from best friending, like, buy a dog!?

Wednesday, June 6

where did the week go?

Suddenly it is nearly(damn it's now after midnight!) Thursday again - boy time can fly. I have been crafting - princess costumes, beanie's, doll's quilts, but no pics yet so I am taking this opportunity to say some thank you's.

To Martiza for my wonderful Doll Quilt I recently won on her site.
(photo from Martiza)
More beautiful things available in her etsy shop.

To Jane for my great parcel for the Flibbertygibbet Fabric Swap.

To Ali for sending me us a copy of the new Charlie & Lola Craft Mag.

And because he's always spoiling us - thanks to R for another beautiful lamb dish!

Some things on my to do list this month:
~Finish spring cleaning the yarn stash = something for this month's giveaway.
~The door stop from this book with my deer fabric from this talented gal.
~Finish 3 doll quilts (why 3? it's a long story, I'll bore you some other time!)
~New photo's for June Project Spectrum.
~A knitted gift for my Rowan Exchange partner.
~An item for the Guardian Angel project.

And some things you should check out:

Entries are open until June 17 for the 2nd Doll Quilt Swap

Beautiful art work by Catherine

9 June - Knit in public day