Wednesday, April 11

just another brilliant idea!

a recent conversation between myself and my wonderful partner!

Me: There is a guy at school who is a home dad. His wife is an oncologist and works full time and he stays home and does all the mum stuff with the kids.

R: so when are you going to do that?

Me: What?! I think I've missed my calling to be an oncologist!

R: No! you could earn us money some other way?

Me: How? I haven't worked for years. (Please note: the last 10 years have involved a lot of study though!!)

R: Well with your crafty crap - like Donnatella Versace.

Me: Somehow I don't think Donnatella would be that impressed to know you refer to her work as crafty crap!

boys - sheesh!


Ali said...

I think there's a compliment in there somewhere just struggling to get out!

cazzafryer said...

Not sure whose side I am on - definitely not a fan of Donatella's and medical training can start at any age!!! Looking forward to being part of your 'discussions' this weekend, kids already have bags packed (mostly with presents for Miss L).

cally said...

that's funny.
my ex once told a client (when we worked together) that I could totally redo the graphic design overnight and called it monkey work... he's still regretting that comment 10 years later :0)

jessica said...

haha that was good.

Sally said...

typical aussie boys - like ali said, I'm sure there's a compliment buried in there somewhere. Sounds like something my husband says regularly.

Kirsty said...

"Crafty Crap" is the offical term for what we do, used by the partners of crafty crappers!!
My Kym uses it all the time!
Just had a big catch up read, love your latest offerings. Cute nude doll.

Jo said...

my boy had one day at home with the kids yesterday while I went to work, when I got home I asked whether he would ever like to be a stay at home dad he just looked at me, took a deep breath and said Absolutely Not.

Di said...

Sometimes they just don't get "it" - but they do try!!!