Monday, October 2

Expectations of a four year old

Miss L has been very interested of late about me making and selling things for others. (what do you mean there is a world outside me?!) Lots of questions about me being the 'maker' (notice this isn't The maker! Although I'm sure she was a woman, what a feat of multi-tasking). Anyway, all these questions reminded me of an incident that happened last year when Miss L went on an outing with all her friends and their dads. The dads took the then 3 year olds to the Melbourne museum which has a great children's sections. However, it was apparently in another section where there as a life size display of families made from paper machie - Miss L turned to everyone and said 'my mum can do that'. !! Much as I would like my stuff to be in the museum no one has offered so far! So back to those work in progress bags for me.....

you can see I like variety!!

And a quick little competition for you with some goodies for the winner.
Can anyone guess what I might be making with the green and yellow floral fabric? (photo 2)
leave your answer in the comments, and I'll see if we have a winner by next Monday.
sorry Sallyanne you can not enter!!
good luck


geek+nerd said...

That balloon fabric is adorable!

thebutterflycollector said...

I was just about to write the exact same thing Geek and Nerd said! It is adorable!

tiel s-k said...

me too. where did you score that?

I think you are making moopies..but not sure if the green/yellow fabric is aprart of it.

Anonymous said...

perhaps a decorative pillow with that gorgeous fabric in #2