Sunday, September 24

wip? Oh yeah!

Okay so now that I finally have morphe finished and delivered I decided it was time to return to my out of control substantial works in progress. And, after a few days perserverance I managed to finish one! I have always wanted to knit a lace shawl in some beautiful lightweight mohair - not the best beginner piece, so when I saw an article in the nov/dec 2005 Piecework magazine to ' Knit a Qiviut Lace Headband' - well I was there. Of course, I still started with the mohair, and of course, it all went horribly wrong within a few rows - and mohair, as any knitter will tell you, does not like to be undone. So, I decided to choose my second favourite yarn - cotton. It meant I could see the pattern (and my mistakes) easily. I finished the headband, and with the every blog writer's problem of taking photo's of yourself, here I am modelling it!

R said tonight at dinner, it was transporting him back to the fifties. Fine with me as long as he doesn't want his slippers brought to him!!

One down, 10, 12, too many left to go!
But I have made a firm decision to 'finish what I started' for the rest of year. I have this crazy goal for being able to go away for the Christmas holidays with Brand New projects. I will confess now that resolve and willpower are not traits that I possess in abundance, so you will be my witnesses and dare I say it whip crackers! Here are some of the other WIP's,

I thought the bee was fitting for the business to be found here at the moment!

and one of Lucy's little knitting projects I found today, with good yarn from Marta's - aarrgh!


Jackie said...

I love that headband! and that fabric you're using for something (especially the one that has cherries on it, looks like) is fabulous!! I have so many WIPs too and no resistence when it comes to starting new things. It's very bad, so I need to join you in only working on what I have for the time being. (HA!)

thebutterflycollector said...

your headband is wonderful! Looks great! All my knitting ends up with holes in it! I do have very fond memories of my Nan teaching me when I was little though!

Kirsty Campion said...

Hi new to blogging person here. Love the headband and I had a quick look over your other posts, and I can't wait to see your girls in the flesh at Morphe. I only live 2hrs from Adelaide so I will be there. I have just learn't how to crochet and have tried to jump from following one pattern, sraight into just making my own up as I go .. ahem!!! not really working!!!