Tuesday, May 25

Clouds and Fog

I seem to be constantly finding odd links throughout my day. Links from one part of my life to another that until now had seemed separate. Links that then pop up continually and I don't know if it is because I'm now looking for these links or because the links are looking for me! Life in the Whizzme household is quite foggy itself at the moment so stay with me a moment.
Miss Whizzme is studying clouds at school this week. This has meant that we have had quite a few sessions of cloud learning - me being told all about clouds by her. However, this morning Miss Whizzme joined me in the sick bed at home (coughs and colds) and instead googled images of clouds. It kept her occupied for a long time, letting me at least wonder about other things, like my email, twitter, ebay, facebook.... And as I was doing this I came across a recent post by a friend about Cloud Computing (see the link?!) The title drew me in, and I then discovered that my friend and I share similar conundrums with our fog of technology.

Sitting here now writing this I can show you what is constantly my own 'fog'. Tea, computer, music, crochet or some other craft dalliance, dog, blankets, books, sleeping child. I too am never without my iPhone (and would probably only abandon it for an ipad), I am forever playing catchup with my 'readitlater' links, to the point where I often cant even remember why I bookmarked them! I rejoice in the fact that I can now check my email, twitter & facebook before even sneaking my feet to the cold floor. But as sad as this all might sound to those of you not so enamoured by these gadgets, I also need for my family to be nearby, my creativity tools need to be reachable and my thirst seems unquenchable (just sometimes tea may be replaced by other more alcoholic refreshments!).

In the end I guess what I am saying is this 'fog' of mine maybe a little intimidating sometimes but it is also comforting. I think part of learning and living today with all these gadgets is to use them for enhancing our lives but not for driving it. Something I need to remind myself when I am about to twitter my first tweet for the day but an 8 year old wants to show me the difference between a stratus and a cirrus cloud.

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Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Love the photos, would look good framed together on your wall.