Tuesday, August 25

should be in bed

this is one of Catia Chen's wonderful works that I can stare at for ages.

Should be in bed is becoming my new catch phrase as each night I can be found puddling around after midnight finishing work documents, sewing custom whizzme orders and various other school and home related things. For the last three weeks I have been working 3 days at PANDA, which is very exciting and presents lots of challenging brain stretching stuff. It also means that might delightful core skill of fluffing around has had to be shelved and I have been digging into the depths of my memory to find some organisational qualities. If this sounds like hard work - it is! But we are all fairly happy here in the Whizzme house as we enter this new phase of family routine.

Added to all this is the small trip I am making this week back to Adelaide to spend some time with my Mum who has just had some surgery. For a few days I am going to make her sit on the couch and watch movies and help me sew or something. Will probably be good for the both of us. Of course this week is Book week at school, and Miss Whizzme is doing her news presentation on Friday so just a couple of things to sort out before I leave... I figure this is all part of the new workout my brain has been getting which will hopefully stop me going ga ga in my old age* if news reports are to be believed.

I had hoped that my next post was going to be about the market and all the new stuff in my shop. I guess it will have to wait another week or two... Instead, here are some of my favourite finds in my late night trawls of the world wide information overload.

Have I ever told you I collect hippos?

anything from this little shop and this, and this,

and one of these please!
a pair of boots from here if they only delivered to Australia.

this gorgeous cupboard form Kast van een Huis

some Ninagawa Mika photography

and finally this
just appeals to me!

*any comments about how ga ga I may be already will not be dignified with acknowledgement!

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Little sis said...

I should be in bed as well. Instead printing a 'Captain Underpants' transfer to put on Charlie's t-shirt for his book week costume. And finally tracked down an Alice outfit for Zoe so no more grumps from her. Looking forward to catching up Saturday. Did you know you are looking after my kids Saturday night? Love it.