Thursday, March 8

the just before going to sleep genius factor

last night this post was magnificent in its lyrical meanderings, unfortunately like so many posts that I draft late at night just before going to sleep, the bright light of day has somehow transformed it into just another post - nothing magnificent - just another post. It really annoys me that in my last minutes of wakefulness each night I can seem to dream up such clever, witty and superbly interesting monologues - yet by morning the wit and cleverness is simply alluding me. I would love for someone to invent some sort of machine that could tape those thoughts and ideas. I have tried to remember to write them down, and have on the rare occasion managed to save a "genius" idea, but it has been very rare. And, why is it at this particular moment in my day that my most brilliant thoughts are thunk?! So frustrating, so slippery. If anyone hears about a thought taping machine please let me know ASAP because I am sure people are missing out on my brilliance!! (she says with tounge planted firmly in cheek).

Anyway, enough.

Those patchwork strips which were are looking like this,

have now been replaced with this.

Why? well yes, that would seem like a good question, however, I'm not really sure of the answer, except that it had something to do with a visit to my favourite fabric store to drop off a block* for the MS Quilt. Those reds and turquoise blues just seemed to need to come home with me! Which means there is still no finished projects to be seen on this poor little blog, but I am heading towards one of these, and maybe one of these for Miss L.

I also finally got my hot little hands on copy of this book, which I am loving. There is nothing like reading about a bunch of inspiring ladies to give your own crafty mojo a good quick kick up the proverbial. Now, if I could just finish something....

*somehow my block ended up slightly larger than most(??), but I wasn't the only one?! and it will still make its way into the quilt - phew!


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I love that red and turqoise patchwork.

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yummy patchwork

and the machine that records our late night thoughts, it needs an accessory that types it up into our blogs, spell checks them and then hunts our folders for the perfect picture to accompany!