Friday, February 16

phew just made it

well finally my 15 little gifts are ready for tomorrow's blog meet at Amitie. I'm excited yet very nervous about meeting all these talented girls. Especially since I seemed to have lost my creativity mojo at the moment. No, new projects here - nup, not one. Of course it could be because I have joined the gym (thanks Jo) and am now slogging my guts out most days, even twice a week with a personal trainer. Which means by the time Miss L is in bed, I'm just about ready to join her. But, I am feeling healthier and much fitter, even after only 6 weeks, however, I think it is zapping all my energy for anything else! Which isn't boding well for our sewing group in another week's time - must find something next week. Maybe one of those cool bath mats I saw here. Or maybe a version of one of these beautiful wall pockets? But for now I am going to relax knowing this weeks tasks are done. I'll let you know how the blog meet goes in a few days time.


SadieandLance said...

Hey look that's my little green and white squirrel key ring at the front there! It was great to meet you in person on Saturday. By the way which fabric did you end up with on your headband?

I swear you should have a go at making that relish, it's so easy!

capello said...

hope you had fun!