Monday, January 15

off load that monkey

Yes I did it - I have left Iris (see here if you don't know what the hell I'm gabbing about) mid way through : I-can't-stand-the-torture-no-more. I have now started a new book and oh the relief - some guilt - but I'm trying my damndest to ignore it. I decided that with my new word(see above) I needed to get that monkey off my back - life is too short. Hence, with Miss L at holiday school today, and after a sweltering session with my trainer, am I crafting in this free time? am I cleaning up the chaos from the weekend? am I writing letters to folks who long ago believe us lost? no, I am indulging my first child free day with Australian Open Tennis and catching up with my bloglines... I call it embracing some 'me' time!
Here are some new editions to my online reading
scent of water
tsk tsk


Megan said...

Hi there - just wanted to say hello, and a big thank you for putting my blog there (and for reading it!). It was a big surprise, and a lovely one.

tiel s-k said...

well hey, that's me up there. thanks.

What is holiday school and how do I get my kids there so I can come and watch the tennis with you?

capello said...

*love* that word!

SadieandLance said...

Hey Sam did you get your relish?