Friday, January 12

back in time for tea

yes we are back, back. back from the beach, but so sad, sad, sad are Miss L and I that we are consoling each other by talking about the beach, the beach house, what we did, over and over! You can gather pretty quickly that we are struggling to get back into the old routine thing, so lucky school is still a couple of weeks away. We had a fantastic time thankyou, came back sort of beigish (which for a whitey like me it's a tan!) very relaxed having read 8, yes 8 books while away. Oh, the bliss of just pottering around with a book, down to the beach and back with book, in bed with book - heaven. To make it even harder about not being next to the beach anymore, the book I am reading is hell. The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch. I've always wanted to try some Iris, but boy she is really making it hard work. I have this thing about always finishing a book no matter how bad it is because you just never know it might get better! R says I should just get over it, ditch the thing and start anew. So tempting, but old habits die hard and I slog on. I also didn't bring back in resolutions with the new year. In fact, I really have no idea - none at all - about what I want to do for this year, get from this year, achieve blah blah blah. So, instead I decided I would happily flounder away still in holiday mode, join some others for a cup of tea today (I'm bringing some anzac cookies - very Aus), and mull over a word for this little idea I like too.


capello said...

ooo, very good word! very good.

(and your tea and biscuits and china all looks so lovely.)

SadieandLance said...

Welcome back. Those biccies look delish. Of course you can have some relish - first in best dressed huh! I've guessed your email address (by looking at the Melb blogger meet up list from Justine)and sent you an email....that's right isn't it?!