Friday, September 29


It is so hard when you have good intentions to really finish those projects you started, but the mailman delivers these:

Sew U by Built by Wendy

InStitches by Amy Butler

Kids Learn to Knit by Lucinda Guy
Oh the temptation!!

I wish I had more finished projects to show you, but instead more photos of WIP's. And still this is just the tip of the iceberg, my cupboards are full of bags of projects in some state of unfinishment (my word!)

Sunday, September 24

wip? Oh yeah!

Okay so now that I finally have morphe finished and delivered I decided it was time to return to my out of control substantial works in progress. And, after a few days perserverance I managed to finish one! I have always wanted to knit a lace shawl in some beautiful lightweight mohair - not the best beginner piece, so when I saw an article in the nov/dec 2005 Piecework magazine to ' Knit a Qiviut Lace Headband' - well I was there. Of course, I still started with the mohair, and of course, it all went horribly wrong within a few rows - and mohair, as any knitter will tell you, does not like to be undone. So, I decided to choose my second favourite yarn - cotton. It meant I could see the pattern (and my mistakes) easily. I finished the headband, and with the every blog writer's problem of taking photo's of yourself, here I am modelling it!

R said tonight at dinner, it was transporting him back to the fifties. Fine with me as long as he doesn't want his slippers brought to him!!

One down, 10, 12, too many left to go!
But I have made a firm decision to 'finish what I started' for the rest of year. I have this crazy goal for being able to go away for the Christmas holidays with Brand New projects. I will confess now that resolve and willpower are not traits that I possess in abundance, so you will be my witnesses and dare I say it whip crackers! Here are some of the other WIP's,

I thought the bee was fitting for the business to be found here at the moment!

and one of Lucy's little knitting projects I found today, with good yarn from Marta's - aarrgh!

Monday, September 18


well my little girls are finally delivered and so I can show you what Shannon and I have entered into this year's Morphe II exhibition. If you live in Adelaide, please make the effort to get along to see the show in October (from the 6th). with out further ado please meet our crafting sisters....

there are more photos of the girls on my flickr account
I'm thinking of putting these lovely photos (thanks Mr & Mrs Craig!) into postcards for sale - what do you think?

While I was in Adelaide I also finished a sock elephant for my nephew's birthday. I was quite pleased with the result, and you can see Master C was too!

Monday, September 11

time with family

I haven't written for a while and I feel quite guilty! So, here is a little catch up on what has been taking up my time...

1.finishing and posting my final parcel for my One Skein Secret Pal in germany - Dorothea I hope you enjoy them. (The little lolly like item is to make your drawers smell nice).

2. finishing my half of the Morphe II items -- no pictures yet but I promise to post some soon.
3. putting together a folio of my work -- thanks Mrs Craig for the beautiful pictures. Here is just a sample

4. buying some beautiful paper care of Mrs Davey -- but now I'm too scared to cut it!
5. finishing my sock elephant for my beautiful nephew for his birthday. no photo yet, don't want to spoil the surprise!

Miss L and I are off today to spend the week with my sister. I love spending time with her and our days will be quite full, with thrifting, zoo visiting, playing, talking. Might not get a chance for much blogging.
I hope you have a good week too.

Monday, September 4

bags of paper

I have been collecting paper items from op shops (thrift shops) for over a year now and decided that I should share some of my finds. So, I have put together three sizes of thrifted paper goods for you to purchase. The photo's below show a sample of what is found within a bag. I promise there is no 'new' off cuts or paper goods - only items I have 'rescued' are included. If you like to scrapbook, collage, make shadow boxes, use mixed media, then these little goodie bag's of paper are for you. You will find more details in the shop.

finally some new items in the shop.
I will have some more new items in the next few days, but for now back to my morphe girls....

Saturday, September 2

a week of sun

Melbourne has been blessed this week with spring sunshine - such glorious days. I am slowly working on my girls for Morphe II with Shannon, but in the meantime I thought I would leave you with just a few photos from this week's sun worshipping...