Tuesday, February 21

Another year, maybe a teeny bit wiser

2012 happened along while I was enjoying some time out from regular life. We went back to SA for Christmas which meant most days consisted of food, drinks and swimming or, in my case, watching kids swim while I ate and drank. It was hot, but lovely dry heat, no icky sticky humidity. Melbourne you are not meant to 'do' humidity.

I have to say that most of 2010 and 2011 were fairly crap, with 2012 beginning in the same vein.  However, I am an eternal optimist, so Miss Whizzme and I are slowly getting into new routines, learning from each other and making the most of each day.  I am hoping that new routines might be able to accommodate even a little bit of blogging again. Does the blogosphere really need another amateur blogger?! I guess who cares right?! I'll write now and then, and you can read now and then. Or not.  2012 might not be the year I had planned but dammit it will be the year I practice some better self care.

As I have achieved very little in finished projects I have provided a gratuitous photo I took using hipstamatic. I love that app.

You never know, you might even see me on twitter again too, but mostly I can be found on Pinterest wasting time um, collecting important things.

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