Wednesday, December 1

How to bring on a Panic Attack and other Dumb Ideas

I never seem to have time to blog anymore.
I know this isn't a new problem, I've hardly blogged all year. No matter how good my intentions; I'll write something next week, I'll write something tomorrow, I'll do that this afternoon - it never eventuates. I have written many posts in my head, usually while driving to work, or to school pick up. But by the time I might be near a computer I have moved onto to other things that crowd my mind. My mental to do list has become so unwieldy that the mere glimpse of it and I feel a cold sweat beginning. Today, I thought this is ridiculous. I am in danger of running around in circles with various craft projects attached, smiling manically and achieving nothing. So I decided to write some things down, hoping a physical list with priorities and due dates etc, would bring some calm and order. Ha!

The List
  1. Finish covers for memory books for three girls leaving school : Due Friday. Ok. (Have 1 done and part way through the other two.
  2. Make an extra square for teachers gift apron as only 14 girls not 15 as first thought and now pattern won't work. Due tomorrow for other mum who is sewing apron together.
  3. Wrap belated birthday presents for husband to take to Adelaide with him. Due immediately as he leaves tonight.
  4. Finish quilt for friend who is returning to US next week. (lovely idea dreamed up 2 weeks ago to make a map of Australia quilt from vintage tea towels - 3 week timeline? No problem!) Currently only have all squares cut out and yet to commence actual sewing. Due Sunday!
  5. Create small artwork for another friend moving to Qld. Idea and tools assembled, work yet to start. Due next Thursday.
  6. Sew names in sequins onto t shirts for friend's two daughters also moving to Qld. Due sunday.
  7. Find material to make dress for BF's 40th, rather than spend over $500 on dress would probably only wear once. Party not until beginning of January so plenty of time!
  8. Find Advent calendar (made when daughter was 3 and advent fairy delivering daily small gift with message seemed a delightful tradition). Calendar should have gone up yesterday but last day of month thing didn't register until this morning.
  9. Write 25 messages and purchase 25 small plastic animals for said advent calendar. (Planned to do on way to work but left stupid wallet at home, will have to scratch about hopefully in present cupboard). Refer to number 8's due date.
  10. Fix two favourite shirts as suddenly seem to have nothing decent to wear. ASAP.
I stopped at this point realising that the calm & order I had hoped for was morphing into full blown panic attack.

Somewhere I had managed to
A. Overestimate how many hours there are in a day,
B. Overlook the fact that I am working nearly every day until school finishes, and
C. I am no Martha Stewart.

I am fairly sure therefore that you won't mind excusing me again as I crawl in back into the craft room and hope tomorrow brings some sort of crafting miracle.

I do hope some of you enjoying* the festive season in a less manic fashion!

*random photo of others enjoying the festive season supplied and styled by Miss Whizzme.


Kate said...

I am too scared to start a list because I know the panicking will happen! Hope you manage to get a few thinsg done.

Amanda said...

Ok, yes.. your list did leave me a little panic stricken. I can't lie.

shannon said...

you need to add - 'when cant be fagged handmaking - purchase from shops'. you'll crossing off that to do list quick sticks!