Wednesday, January 28

beating flies with your fabric stash

Sometimes others who share the same house as you have to admit that a stash of fabric can be very handy!

And much prettier than your average fly screen.

Friday, January 23


How rude me to bugger off like that without leaving you a note! Well, there goes the first new years resolution! Miss Whizzme and I have been hanging out at the beach with friends and family. But all this holidaying can really take its toll. LOL!

We are now back home, once again enjoying our still new to us house and yard.  I am slowly getting things organised in my craft room.  I wouldn't ever tell him so but Mr Whizzme was right - I have a LOT of craft crap!  I requested some shelves to be built like this, and also an entry storage system like this.  Plans and measurements supplied by me are currently hung on the wall and are much admired by both of us.  There has been a lot of mumbling from Mr Whizzme about how it will be constructed.  It isn't always good when one procrastinator is married to another!

Miss Whizzme was delighted that at least one of her favourite dolls received a new outfit.  That is Imogen on the left sporting her new pink tunic blouse and matching summer pants.  Mika had to be satisfied with her dress from two years ago. sigh!

However, you must excuse me again because holidays are not quite over, and although most days have seen me screaming about school not starting soon enough, today has started on a bright and gorgeous note so I am going to grab it while I can.

That, and I must repaint my toes - what was I thinking buying this yellow?
sunny? - more like fungused!!

Thursday, January 1

well here we are at the start of another year...

The award pictured above was given to me for mother's day last year by Miss Whizzme and was recently rediscovered while unpacking. It made me laugh to see that I was proving she knows her mother well, as I had just made Mr Whizzme relocate the cupboard and desk in my craft room. We have spent much of the holidays so far unpacking and rearranging; still piecing together things in our new house. The Whizzme clan is very happy to be found pottering in their new abode: Mr Whizzme is making numerous trips to Bunnings for supplies. Miss Whizzme spends most days taking all her things outside and creating scenarios such as picnic's, fairy realms and camp sites. I am trying extremely hard to spend time in my new craft room crafting rather than cleaning and sorting. So today my first new year resolution is to spend the day there and bugger the rest!

My second resolution is to be better at getting back to those of you who are kind enough to leave comments. I really am going to try, but please don't anyone be holding their breath about this one though!

Thank you for sticking around for another year and reading the haphazard ramblings of Whizzme. Here's to 2009.

Oh and Wally the wonder dog is barking at every bus that has the audacity to stop at the bus stop near our house! Cleverness is not one of his strong points, lucky he has his looks!!