Wednesday, September 5


the whizzme family don't like to stay still for too long, so we popped over to Sydney on Sunday to see one of our nephew's confirmed.I managed to convince R (or Mr whizzme as he is now known) that even for only 24 hours it was very important to bring along my knitting and hence we would have to check in our baggage! sheesh! Miss L complained it wasn't long enough (we only stayed 24 hours) but managed a dip into the sea, lashings of hot chocolate and to bring home a bag of lego.

Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback on my little bag experiment. I am currently still getting back to those who commented. This post, however, is to show you the progress of the Chevron so far (or the knitting project that came to Sydney). I oohed and aahed over the lovely chevron scarves Alex of Moonstitches knitted. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Even though I had no Koigu I thought one of my *cough* many luscious hand dyed skeins might be suitable. I picked out this beautiful alpaca yarn from Becreatif.

Chevron close up
However, after a few rows it wasn't making me gooey with pleasure. I purchased these lovely Koigu's from Purl, so cast on again. Nope - not that either.

(sorry forgot to photograph this version so just trust me ok? it wasn't working!)

I dug around in my stash and found a lonely skein of Koigu (KPPPM P511L) so I combined that with the KPPPM from Purl.
This is it so far - ick!
chevron version 2
who knew this was going to be so bloody complicated! (and yeah I bite my nails)

I have since purchased the following Koigu's from ebay - hmmm, what should I try next?

or maybe I should combine my alpaca with this another colourway from Becreatif?

becreatif alpaca

any suggestions you have would be most appreciated.

I am also on a Koigu hunt, as I want to try the Babette Blanket next (always one for a bandwagon!!). If you have any Koigu skeins in your stash looking for a new home and you would like to do a swap, please email me whizzme(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au

While I ponder the chevron dilemma the hexagons continue, maybe photos of mine by the next post. I also have some more purchases to share and there will be another giveaway this month, so stay alert!


Violet & Rose said...

You know, I'm not a yarn person, but those colours are hot!

tambatoys said...

Wow gorgeous wool very impressive knitting too, I have the perfect t-shirt just for a knitter girl like yourself :) check it out on redbubble.

Alex said...

I just said it over at Flickr where I discovered the photo of your second version... had a deja vu. You'll see tomorrow, must take a photo of my next, just casted on scarf first!
I think both will be pretty ones...

fiona said...

the 'springy' pinks with the 'marieny' greens/blues, would look cool together, i'm not a knitter so im so impressed looks complicated!!

Linda said...

phew!! I had soooo much to catch up on your blog Sam I am a bit behind. your latest knitting is gorgeous and I am loving the bags you made!

Louise said...

I love those wools, such gorgeous colours. How good are those hexagons - I've been looking for something different to the old granny squares and those look fantastic.

Kirsty said...

I was laughing about you having to take your knitting!! What classics us crafters are! I have to take something with me even for a drive to the shops. (if I'm not driving of course) now that would be silly. Half the time I don't even pick it up but it just has to be there!!!

Di said...

Love the chevron whatever the colours!!

carolyne said...

Hi Sam, I just discovered a chevron scarf pattern in one of the mags you sent - I think I have to try one myself now (never mind that summer is on it's way...).
Also, I love the subtle shades of the hexagons - that is going to make one stunning blanket!