Tuesday, December 12

tis the season to be buying

So, I've been busy, no not crafting but buying. Making sure everyone on our list has an appropriate gift. I always have grand plans to make gifts, but before I know it December is here and the grand plans are nothing more than dreams - again! I have only a few more gifts and I'm done for another year of present buying - I think a drink will be called for to celebrate the occassion. To add to the logistically nightmare Christmas shopping is, Miss L has also already finished school for the year. My sister and I used to love that being at a private school meant more holidays, but now I'm cursing the fact! Thank goodness for school holiday programs to take some of the load of 'mamma look at me, mamma help me do this, mamma what can I do now, mamma can we go somewhere' etc. etc. I'm sure you get the drift. only 7 weeks to go before school starts again - not that I'm counting!!

If you are still hunting for a suitable gift I have put some of my handmade bags up on ebay just click here to see them.

And finally, Mrs Davey tagged me, so here goes with the data:
4 jobs I have had...
1. mcdonalds
2. after school carer
3. wedding coordinator
4. food & beverage manager

4 movies I could watch over over
1. Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version thank you)
2. Possession (also a favourite book)
3. any Harry Potter
4. Wallace and Grommit (any again)

4 places I have lived apart from where I live now
1. Cambpelltown a suburb in Adelaide
2. Parkside another suburb in Adelaide
3. Toorak Gardens another suburb in Adelaide
4. and yep you guessed it, Norwood, yet another suburb in Adelaide

4 tv shows I love
1. The West Wing
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Midsomer Murders (I think Decetive Barnaby is pretty cool!)
4. Dancing with the Stars

4 places I have been for a vacation
1. New York
2. Bologna, Italy
3. Rome
4. Paris

4 Websites I visit Daily
1. Bloglines (75 feeds keeps me busy!)
2. Flickr
3. Ebay
4. um, not sure, wherever someone's links take me!

4 Favourite foods
1. Tom Yum
2. Chicken Rice
3. Chicken Marengo that Dad makes me
4. Mum's cherry cheesecake

4 places I would rather be
1. Bologna, Italy
2. anywhere in France
3. the Shangri La in Singapore
4. the Hyatt at Coolum (preferrably the Spa)

and instead of tagging anyone, because everyone seems to have been done, I give you
4 random facts about me
1. i grew up blonde but am now chocolate brown
2. i'm scared of heights
3. but I love flying
4. I've never been to Bali (very unAustralian!!)


capello said...

how was the wedding coordinator gig? i always thought that would be fun.

cazzafryer said...

The bags look good on ebay - you have been busy. Hoping my gift includes one of those pincushions (hint, hint)