Wednesday, December 17

sometimes you stumble on things that make you smile

The photo is from the artist's web site: Because Studio.
Which is the freelance graphic design practice of Loz Ives, a young chap from the north of england with a keen eye for detail and a passion for simplicity and relevance within his work. So far this is a limited edition 1 of 1.
It was just the smile I needed today.*
*thanks Philip

Sunday, December 7


to my new craft room, in my new house.  Hallelujah!  Finally the Whizzme clan are enjoying extra space, gardening, shady trees, new discoveries.  I'm not enjoying the frigging mess that now can be spread further in a bigger house by everyone else in the clan, however, the smiles on all our faces, including Wally the wonder dog is worth it.  (Well, nearly!).  

At this stage only a third of the packing is done, and here you can see the real state of my craft space! 
But at the moment the joy of having a room all of my own (I'm trying to ignore the boxes of shed stuff waiting for the shed to be built) means I can take my time about sorting out what will go where.  Funnily having this room has in fact made me more disorganised (if that is possible) as I unearth half finished projects and recommence, but then get side tracked with reorganising the magazines, to only find a project I had bookmarked to do, so I set off on a hunt for materials which leads to forgotten treasures being discovered, which...  The problem has reached a crisis point and with only five nights(5 nights!!) left to finish school Christmas presents I have decided to have a very stern word with myself and plan this weeks crafting. 

Hmm, I'll let you know how it goes...